Food-Grade Gases

Industrial-Grade Gases

Gas Spotlight: Propane

Purity Plus Gases

While bulk industrial gases are certainly in our wheelhouse, Cee Kay can provide a full catalog of specialty gases for many applications.

Product Spotlight: Carbon Dioxide

How Our Gas Cylinders Are Labeled

At Cee Kay Supply, we label each cylinder we produce for tracking purposes and so users can easily identify what’s inside. Besides barcoded labels, the important information about each cylinder is stenciled into the metal.

Argon Gas Is a Staple of Many Commercial Applications

Colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-flammable, and non-toxic, argon is a noble gas that accounts for 1% of the air we breathe.

Where Do Industrial Gases Come From?

As Missouri’s largest independent welding supply company, we have been offering of a wide array of gas and gas equipment to the St.

Why Do Cylinder Valves Have Different Thread Types?

It is required in the U.S. by OSHA and the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) that cylinder valves be designed differently to prevent interchangeability with gas systems and equipment.

Helium News

As you may have read in the news or various trade articles there are significant changes unfolding in the global helium supply network. We at CeeKay have been closely monitoring these changes in sourcing and distribution as the domestic supply begins to wind down.