Gas Distribution Equipment

What Equipment Is Critical to a High-Functioning Gas Distribution System?

Essential Gas Supply Equipment

Gas distribution systems require many often-complex pieces of equipment. To keep gas distribution systems working efficiently and reliably, you need high-quality gas equipment. Some of the most vital components of gas supply equipment are:

Point-Of-Use Panels

Designed to control gas movement in low-flow applications accurately, point-of-use panels are another important gas supply equipment for downstream control. These panels combine regulators, pressure gauges, and ball valves into a single piece of commercial gas equipment to minimize the risk of leaks.

Cryogenic Dewar Changeovers

Cryogenic dewar changeovers provide an uninterrupted supply of vaporized gas from two or more cryogenic liquid containers. These pieces of gas distribution systems allow container changes without worrying about running out of gas or changing out cylinders that still have remaining gas.

Station Drops

Station drops promote gases safe and efficient delivery from central piping systems to machines or hand torches. They can be wall-mounted or portable but always have a sturdy steel frame.

Gas Mixers

Another critical piece of a gas distribution system is the gas mixer. Mixers are typically used to draw two non-flammable and non-corrosive supply gases from bulk resources and mix them on-site.

Gas Heaters

If the temperature of gas drops too low, operational and material quality problems can occur in the gas distribution system. Gas heaters preheat gas efficiently before the temperature drops due to pressure reductions.

Cryogenic Hoses

Cryogenic hoses are necessary for loading and unloading medical-grade liquid gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. These pieces of commercial gas equipment allow the safe transfer of elements that get as cold as -321 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gas Filters And Traps

One of the most critical parts of quality gas distribution is delivering high-quality, pure gas. Gas filters and traps remove detrimental impurities, particles, moisture, oils, “smokes,” and aerosols from carriers and detector gases.

Cylinder Holders And Carts

Cylinder holders and carts allow for heavy gas cylinders’ safe, secure, and upright transport.

Safety Monitors, Detectors, And Alarms

Nothing should take priority over safety when it comes to gas distribution. You need safety monitors, detectors, and alarms to distribute natural gas safely. These pieces of commercial gas equipment prevent explosions and worker injuries and alert those on-site to the presence of toxic gases.

Protocol Stations

Intended for high purity and corrosive gases, protocol stations offer a reliable method for cylinder wall-mounting. This eliminates the necessity to handle regulators while changing cylinders.

What Industries Benefit From High-Performance Industrial Gas Equipment?

Many industries rely on efficient, safe, and reliable gas distribution systems and equipment. Among the most reliant are:

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