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KAG Logistics provides industry-leading transportation management solutions and value-added logistics services designed for the fuels, renewable energy, chemicals, specialty products, food and merchant gas supply chains across North America.  KAG solutions are tailored to meet individual customers’ needs supported by an experienced KAG Logistics team, proven business processes and best-in-class technologies.

Centrally Located To Reduce Travel Time

KAG Specialty Products has unparalleled expertise to meet all your delivery needs. We improve your operational execution, offer customized solutions to meet seasonal capacity increases, and reduce costs within our contract pricing structure. These specialty product advantages enable you to focus on your core business and market opportunities while KAG takes on your toughest challenges.

Don’t Let A Force Majuere Be A Forced Shutdown

KAG prides themselves in being the largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider in North America. But behind our large fleet of vehicles and state-of-the-art technology is a strong set of values and a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing the best possible service to our customers.

Reliable Backup Supplier In A Unreliable World

You’re tasked with difficult decisions every day – challenges with driver shortages, capital constraints, capacity concerns, and supply chain uncertainties. Contact CK Supply today, so you can focus on your core business with the peace of mind that we are doing what we do best for you – Deliver every load. On time. Without incident.

Timm Evans

Vice President of Sales

Dan Lovelace

CO2 Product Manager

Bulk Gas Options

Bulk gases are used in almost every production process to improve safety, productivity, environmental compliance, or product quality. CK Supply offers the following bulk gases to our clients.

Bulk Argon

Argon is a colorless, tasteless, nontoxic gas commonly used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature projects. Argon ensures a stable flame temperature for peak performance by limiting the amount of oxygen in the welding environment. You can also use bulk argon for:

  • Preservation

    Argon extends the shelf life of packaged food by displacing oxygen and air that contains moisture. It also protects wine against spoilage by providing a barrier against oxygen.

  • Lighting

    Argon is used in incandescent light bulbs to protect the filaments from oxidation at high temperatures.

  • Insulation

    Window manufacturers use argon to increase the thermal efficiencies between double and triple pane window panels. Argon also reduces condensation by displacing water molecules.

Bulk Oxygen

Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas that plays an important role in multiple industrial processes. It’s one of the most widely occurring elements because it forms compounds with virtually all other elements. Some of the industries that rely on a steady supply of bulk oxygen include:

  • Metal Fabrication

    Oxygen’s ability to enrich air for better combustion in gaseous environments makes it a popular gas in the laser and plasma cutting industries.

  • Welding

    Welders use oxygen to increase the wetting of the solid metal; this helps reduce molten metal surface tension.

  • Medical Research

    Bulk oxygen gas is used in bioreactors to encourage cell growth and helps ensure quality control in drug manufacturing.

Bulk Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 is a liquified, colorless gas with non-flammable properties that make it a great fit for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Beverage

    Beverage-grade CO2 is used to maintain peak freshness for brewers and winemakers while avoiding contamination. Our product is ISBT Certified.

  • Food Freezing & Food Grade

    High-quality CO2 is used in the flash-freezing process to freeze food to temperatures as low as -20 degrees. This helps keep food fresh during shipping.

Bulk Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas with a chemical inertness that makes it popular in various industries, including:

  • Food

    High-quality nitrogen is used in the flash-freezing process to freeze food to temperatures as low as -20 degrees. This helps keep food fresh during shipping.

For High-Quality Equipment, Premium, Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service, Trust CK Supply.

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