Inventory Management

  • Track Anything. See It Anywhere.

    Our industrial class weight and pressure sensors can measure in near real-time where others can’t. Your entire inventory is easy to digest anywhere on any device.

  • No More Surprises Or Emergencies.

    Pulsa & CK Supply actively alerts you to issues immediately and forecasts stockouts in time to avoid them. The platform is a vigilant partner that makes it easy to run your business well.

  • Set Up In Minutes. No Wires, No Maintenance.

    Our sensors automatically connect themselves – just tell us what you want to track. You can start with two and quickly scale to two thousand.

See the Dashboard

Demo the Pulsa Dashboard Now!

A Seamless Sensor–App System

Always be on top of your inventory with our web dashboard, iOS and Android apps.
The surprising simplicity of our sensors gives them industrial durability and means they work right out of the box. The intelligent dashboard uses our own AI algorithms to alert you to critical stock and unexpected problems. Putting the brains in one place also lets us relentlessly roll new features to our customers, both large and small. If your needs are more advanced, we are ready to work with you adding the sensors or features your business needs.

How it Works

Our wireless, ultra-low power consumption system makes it easy to get precise measurements in minutes anywhere on Earth with cellular signal.

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