Gas Cabinets

Is your current gas distribution system doing the trick? If not, a gas cylinder cabinet system may be right for you. Gas cabinets can streamline your gas processes and simultaneously prevent dangerous gas leaks.

What Are Gas Cabinets?

Gas cabinets are metallic enclosures that surround gas cylinders. Gas cabinets are usually joined together in a centralized system that brings all of your cylinders together in one location. Most cabinets are connected to pipelines that distribute gases throughout your subsystems.

Gas cabinets can be found across industries and are designed for all kinds of gases. Gases that are most often paired with cabinets include:

  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Ammonia
  • Propane
  • Acetylene

While these are some of the more common gases that cabinets are used in conjunction with, they work with any gas system.

What Do Gas Cabinets Do?

Gas cabinets provide a collective area for gas tank storage. These systems take your gas cylinders and place them in isolated storage cages.Storage cages serve two primary functions:

  • Security – Cages make sure that your compressed gas cylinders aren’t leaking into the external environment.
  • Regulation – Cages simplify the process of changing cylinders and monitor gas output and pressure.

How Gas Cabinets Can Help Your Business

Now that we better understand what gas cabinets do, let’s discuss how can they help your business Cabinets can:

Regulate Output

Cabinets provide a consolidated gas cylinder storage center that makes it easy to monitor and regulate output across your gas system. Cabinet systems are combined with pipelines which facilitate the flow of gas through your facility.
In the case of volatile gases like propane, regulation is extremely important. A propane cage makes propane storage and distribution safe.

Make Cylinder Changes Easy

A cabinet system partially automates the process of swapping out cylinders. Your business having issues with its gas stream can lead to serious losses in production and even cause damages to your equipment.

Cabinets automatically access reserve cylinders through a regulator when fuel runs low on your primary source. They also know when to make the switch by monitoring the PSI of your primary tank. The PSI level that it switches over is usually customizable to a level that you set. Your set level will depend on what kind of gases you’re working with and how quickly your operation drains that gas.

Secure Your Gas System

Finally, most gas cabinets come equipped with numerous safety features. These features prevent dangerous leaks that could harm you or your employees. Some of these safety options include:

  • Flash arrestors – Arrestors prevent flames within the cabinet from moving into the gas cylinder. Arrestors are a critical safety feature when dealing with flammable gases like hydrogen, acetylene, and propane tanks.
  • Check valves – Check valves prevent the backflow of gas from going into your delivery system and filling inside the gas cabinet.
  • Gas panel access windows – Access windows let you control valves without impacting the cabinets exhaust system. These are critical when dealing with toxic gases that may be dangerous to your employees.
  • Sprinkler heads – Sprinkler heads are wired to detect fires within your piping system. If a fire is detected, the sprinkler heads will release water at a high PSI that should nullify flames.
  • Alarm panels – Panels will alert you or your employees whenever there are critical issues with your system. Issues can include overly-high or low pressure or low purifier capacity.
  • Gas monitoring systems – While not a direct part of gas cabinets themselves, a monitoring system is installed by most companies who install gas cabinets. These monitoring systems are placed in cabinet rooms and exist to make sure the rooms don’t fill up with dangerous gases.

The Benefits Of Gas Cabinets

There’s no shortage of benefits when you install a gas cabinet system. Cabinets:

  • Regulate Gas Flow
  • Make Swapping Cylinders Easy
  • Secure Your Gas

If you want to optimize your gas system, invest in gas cabinets.

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