CK Supply partners with the best brands in the industry to facilitate your success.

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CK Supply proudly represents the industry’s best brands to ensure you have the best results. From welding machinery to industrial gas accessories, CK Supply has the quality you need at the prices you want. Our locally owned and operated company has more than $2 million of inventory available from premium product lines for our customers.

Our Brands

Chart Industries

Chart Industries has developed a reputation for being an industry leader in designing and manufacturing highly-engineered cryogenic equipment.

Cold Jet

Cold Jet has established itself as a global leader in environmentally sustainable cleaning, surface preparation, and transport cooling solutions. CK Supply is proud to offer its line of dry ice blasting products.

Control Corporation of America (CONCOA)

CONCOA has been a leading manufacturer of precise gas controls for over 25 years. CK Supply maintains a loaded inventory of CONCOA’s gas detectors that enhance workplace safety.

E.H. Wachs

E.H. Wachs manufactures superior pipe cutting and welding preparation equipment for multiple industries. CK Supply offers their industry-leading line of mechanical pipe beveling and cutting equipment that simplifies metal fabrication processes.


For more than 100 years, ESAB has been supplying the welding industry with superior equipment. CK Supply keeps a deep inventory of ESAB welding products, including:


Hougen has been a leading supplier of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters for more than 60 years. Their reputation for reliable and high-performing products is why CK Supply recommends Hougen’s products to customers.


Since 1968, Hypertherm has been a leading plasma and laser cutting equipment manufacturer. CK Supply understands the value of high-quality and precise equipment, which is why we stock a large quantity of Hypertherm plasma cutters.

Jackson Products

Maintaining workplace safety is a top priority for multiple industries. CK Supply offers a complete line of Jackson’s safety brand products that deliver enhanced personal protection. Their safety goggles provide extreme heat resistance up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


KOIKE has manufactured high-quality metal cutting, welding, positioning equipment for more than 100 years. CK Supply is proud to offer its line of metal fabrication equipment, including:

  • CNC cutting machines
  • Fixed automation equipment
  • Manipulators

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric is the world leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing welding equipment. CK Supply is dedicated to providing our clients the high-quality products and offer the following Lincoln tools:

  • MIG welding machines
  • Stick welding equipment
  • TIG welding tools
  • Engine drives


Magswitch has developed a reputation for being a leading manufacturer of innovative industrial magnet tools. Their magnetic drills are engineered to drill through thin steel on flat and round surfaces.

Mathey Dearmam

Mathey Dearman has been the global leader in engineering and manufacturing equipment since 1935. Their commitment to integrity and innovation is why we’re proud to offer their equipment to our customers.

MK Products

CK Supply believes in offering our customers the most up-to-date technology on the market. That’s why we offer MK Products’s Cobramatic®. Built with a push-pull wire feed technology, the Cobramatic® has established MK as a worldwide leader in aluminum welding systems.

Miller Electric

Miller Electric manufactures industry-leading welding equipment that increases efficiency. CK Supply offers an extensive selection of Miller products, including:

  • TIG welders
  • MIG welders
  • Multi-process welding machines
  • Engine drives

National Standard

Since 1907, National Standard has led the American charge to manufacture high-quality welding wires to feed success. The experts at CK Supply are available to help you select the right welding wires for your job.

OTC Daihen

With a wide range of high-quality products, customized services, and industry-leading support, OTC Daihen is a one-stop shop for innovative welding solutions.

The Equipment Makes The Business

Successful operations depend on well-maintained, functional equipment. Contact CK Supply today to take advantage of the best brands in the industry.


CK Supply offers our clients high-quality robotic welding automation from leading brands like Pandjiris. For over 70 years, Pandjiris has been providing innovative weld positioning and welding automation solutions.

Piranha Iron Works

Piranha has proudly served the metal fabrication industry since 1879. Their CNC plasma tables offer a wide range of cutting solutions and are durable enough to run full production for years.


CK Supply understands the importance of providing our customers with pure specialty gases. Partnering with PurityPlus has allowed us to guarantee certified-quality products with every shipment.


Our team knows how important electrodes are to welding processes and maintain a deep inventory of Select-Arc’s complete line of flux-cored and metal-cored tubular welding electrode products.

Specialty Gas Equipment

Some welding jobs require the use of gas cylinders and dewars. CK Supply offers SGD’s line of safety products so our customers can make sure their jobsite is always protected.


Stoody is the leader in hardfacing technology and high alloy filler materials. Their products are formulated to maximize uptime, increase durability, and reduce operating costs.


Southwire Manufacturing is known as the leader in pipe handling equipment for multiple applications.

Thermal Arc

Thermal Arc is a leading provider of world-class arc welding equipment. CK Supply has a stocked inventory of their power-forward products.

Thermal Dynamics

CK Supply offers plasma cutting systems from Thermal Dynamics that deliver real-time product control. These allow welders to consistently cut high-quality parts.

Tip Tig

The Tip Tig welding systems offered by CK Supply offer 300% faster welding speeds and reduce dilution by up to 80%.


Tweco is an industry-leading provider of MIG arc welding accessories, making them popular among professional welders.


The Harris Products Group is a world leader in metal working products used in the brazing, soldering, welding, cutting and gas distribution industries.


Western Enterprises is the go-to source for businesses seeking reliable and efficient solutions for the control, storage, and transmission of high-pressure gases.

Victory Alloy

Our product line includes many types of Consumable Filler Metals for GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW and OFW processes. MIG and TIG Solid Welding Wires, Oxyacetylene Welding Rods, Flux-Coated Stick Electrodes and Flux-Cored Wires for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Alloy – High Strength Steel, Chrome-Moly Steel, Cast Iron, Copper & Bronze, Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Corrosion Resistant Nickel Chromium Alloys, Build-up and Hardfacing applications

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