Providing The Purest Form Of Hydrogen

Hydrogen: The Industrial Workhorse

CK Supply provides hydrogen at its purest. Hydrogen is used in many industrial chemical processes due to its melting point and boiling point. CK Supply’s laboratory tested and certified hydrogen and can be supplied in small cylinders up to large tube trailers and liquid bulk tanks.

We Offer Solutions For Hydrogen Applications, Including:

  • Heat Treating
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Refining and Gas Processing
  • Welding Processes
  • Glass and Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

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High-Quality Hydrogen On Tap

CK Supply offers several options to meet your hydrogen tank needs. Our headquarters, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is equipped with an automated fill plant capable of filling several banks of cylinders all at once. This ensures that you receive your gases in a timely and efficient manner. CK Supply can also install and maintain portable and stationary hydrogen storage tubes and tube trailers. Our tanks range in size from 20cf and up. With five locations throughout Missouri and Illinois, we maintain consistent hydrogen production, and exchanging empty cylinders is never a hassle. We also offer fast local delivery, making sure we meet all our customers industrial gas needs.

Since 1948, CK Supply has served customers as a supplier of gases and services, and we invite everyone to discover the CK Supply Difference.

Premium Power

Let CK Supply’s laboratory-tested hydrogen fuel your next project.

Hydrogen Generators

Although it is the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen does not naturally occur in its gaseous state on Earth. For industrial purposes, it must be manufactured, and if it’s required on a large scale, a hydrogen generator is needed.

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Since 1948, CK Supply has been serving customers as a supplier of welding products, gases, and services. Give our team a call today to “Discover the Difference.”

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