Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

CK Supply: Leading Supplier of Oxygen Cylinders for Gas Cutting and Scrap Metal Industries.

Scrap processing companies require a steady supply of oxy-fuel for cutting and quality welding tools. CK Supply has the lab-tested acetylene and oxygen gas that keeps your operations running smoothly.

High-Quality Gas for Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Processes

When mixed with oxygen, acetylene gas creates the hottest flame for gas cutting torches, making it perfect for cutting and cleaning scrap metals. CK Supply offers acetylene as a dissolved solvent, allowing us to provide higher qualities while preventing decomposition.

Transportable Cylinders on Demand

CK Supply offers oxygen and acetylene cylinders that easily transport between work sites. Our bulk and mico-bulk delivery system means you won’t run out of your welding gas supply.

An Industry-Leading Scrap Metal Cutting Equipment Supplier

CK Supply provides bulk gas solutions for your oxy-acetylene cutting processes. We focus on scrap metal cutting equipment sales, rentals, and bulk gas delivery.

Our Quality Scrap Metal Cutting Equipment

CK Supply offers oxy-acetylene cutting supplies with a variety of applications, including:

Plasma Cutters

CK Supply provides precision plasma cutting equipment from quality brands like Hypertherm, Miller, and Thermal Dynamics. We also offer all the consumables required to keep your scrap processes in action.

Multi-Process Welders

Our high-quality combo welders allow you to switch between TIG, MIG, and stick welding styles easily.

Welding Tables

We carry dependable welding tables from Strong Hands and Siegmund. Our welding tables offer high load capacities, even working levels, and rapid turnaround times.

Protective Gear

Having the right protective gear is critical for any welding process. This is why we stock a large inventory of quality protection equipment, including:

  • Welding helmets
  • Safety goggles
  • Weld jackets
  • Welding gloves

Welding Services Offered by CK Supply


Our Technical Center offers specialized training programs and hands-on product demonstrations for your employees. Our certified instructors provide participants with the latest techniques in welding technology. Some of the features of our welding education program include:

  • Multi-day or single-day courses
  • Free class with any new equipment sale
  • Individual or group classes
  • Virtual and in-person courses


CK Supply has a convenient welding equipment rental program to suit your short-term needs. We rotate our inventory regularly, which means you always receive the most up-to-date equipment from the top manufacturers on the market.


We offer consultation and repair services when you need them. Our expert repair staff provide troubleshooting services that prevent costly breakdowns. CK Supply also has a fleet of mobile repair vans for convenient onsite repair.

Inventory Management

Our innovative class weight and pressure sensors measure your inventory levels and alert us when levels are low. Once we receive an alert, delivery is immediately scheduled for the next day. Run-outs that lead to interruption to your operation are a thing of the past when you work with CK Supply!

Quality Scrap Metal Cutting Equipment for Your Welding Needs

CK Supply has been an industry-leading supplier of oxy-acetylene cutting gas for over 70 years. We equipped our St. Louis facility with an automated fill plant that fills and tests hundreds of cylinders per day. Contact CK Supply today to learn more about the services we provide for the scrap processing industry.

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