Food Distribution

Never risk your food thawing with poor quality dry ice.

Keep It Cold And Fresh

CK Supply Dry Ice is the best solution for businesses that regularly use dry ice for transportation, storage and distribution of food products. Our local manufacturing and retail availability allows you to purchase just what your business needs and reduce holding expenses related to advance orders from resellers sourcing product from out of state.

eCommerce Fulfillment and Frozen Shipping Specialists

CK Supply works with a variety of frozen food suppliers shipping direct to consumer online or mail order. If you need guidance on packaging, storage and hold times, custom cut dry ice blocks, 3PL, and freight logistics for subscription meal services, you can trust in CK Supply to get it right.

Need dry ice in a hurry?

CK Supply dry ice is also available during planned and emergency power outages when refrigeration is needed for your home or business. When severe weather is in the forecast, CK Supply dry ice is a great temporary solution to protect your valuable products during a power outage. We can assist you in determining the proper amount of dry ice needed to keep your products cold or frozen for the determined amount of time.

Our five retail locations are available for dry ice pellet pick ups with a 10-lb minimum and cooler required. We can deliver same and next day via courier, freight provider, or our fleet of delivery vehicles.

Check out our latest blogs for more information about how to pack dry ice and proper dry ice safety during transportation.

Get the Quality You Need With CK Supply

If you have questions about any of our food distribution, medical usage, safety practices, or anything related to dry ice, our experts are standing by to answer any questions.

How much dry ice do I need?

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