Compressed Gas Tube Trailer

Tube trailers carry more gas using less fuel.

Tube Trailers Are Optimized To Carry More Payload

When your business relies on quick, safe industrial gas delivery, Cee Key Supply delivers. This means we find new, more efficient ways to make sure our customers have the industrial gases they need to get the job done.

An important way we deliver industrial gases is through tube trailers. They can efficiently transport the material you need to wherever it needs to go. Bulk delivery is a step up from cylinder service since it allows the user to better control their gas use. Cylinder processes lead to interruptions when they are empty and need to be switched out. Bulk gas storage ensures a steady supply.

How Compressed Gas Tube Trailers Work

Tube trailers consist of a group of 4-36 high-pressure tanks that vary in length from 20 feet to 53 feet. These trailers support temporary gas tanks that enable businesses to have a continuous supply of gases. Tube trailer capacity rivals that of standard tank trailers, which means they are ideal for a safe “rolling pipeline” style of gas delivery. Businesses that rely on industrial gases for their processes and products also rely on a robust, complicated logistics network to support their operations.

CK Supply Provides Tailored Technology for Customer’s Needs

Bulk and Micro-bulk Gases – The CK Supply Gas Express System is the latest solution to micro-bulk storage and distribution of gases. Gas (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, or Carbon Dioxide) is delivered directly from our truck to stationary liquid containers, known as Perma-Cyl Units, inside through a wall-mounted fill box connection or outside on a secure concrete pad.

Helium – If you find that you’re in need of helium tanks, CK Supply is here to help. We offer customized orders for bulk helium.  Industries such as Medical Research, Lab & Life Science, Laser Applications, & Welding/Metal Fabrication. Our experience across myriad industries puts us in a unique position to deliver exactly what your company needs.

Hydrogen – Our headquarters, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is equipped with an automated hydrogen fill plant capable of filling several banks of cylinders all at once. Better yet, our tube tank trailer delivery services ensure that you receive the pure hydrogen you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Nitrogen – A steady supply of nitrogen is critical to many industrial and manufacturing applications. Our tube tank trailer delivery system is a safe and economical way to deliver the nitrogen you need for any purpose. Through our five locations across Missouri and Illinois, we always fulfill our customer needs.

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