• Attended the University of South Florida and completed OSHA 2015, OSHA 510, OSHA 7400, OSHA 3115, OSHA 30 and OSHA 10.
  • He also attended Delta Technical College and completed Professional Truck Driving School.


  • Noise and Silica Industrial Hygiene Certification
  • Flagger Instructor Certification
  • Traffic Control Supervisor Certification
  • Traffic Control Tech Certification
  • Erosion Prevention @ Sediment Control Inspector Level 1 Certification

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  • Email:
  • Phone: 314.236.0553

Good Catch Program

July’s Good Catch winner is Frank Presley!

Frank noticed missing outlet covers on the wall and replaced them.

About CK Safety

CK knows the concerns of a day-to-day employee and in an effort to provide a safe work environment, policies and procedures have been established in each department to reduce the risk of accidental injuries. All safety policies and procedures must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Protecting the CK Team

At CK, Convergence Training is a must for all employees at their start date. We make sure our employees are fully prepared and trained for any situation that may occur. We have multiple posters and announcements around our building reminding everyone to wear their PPE when entering specific areas.

Protecting Our Customers

As a customer of CK Supply, we want to make you feel safe and protected at all times when we are delivering or installing our products. Our employees go through extensive training to be able to fill cylinders and to properly move and install them on any lot you need.

Benefits of Being Safe in the Workplace

There are many benefits to being safe in the workplace, but one of the biggest one is it moves the process of everything along much quicker and efficiently. Here at CK we strive to have under ___% of injury or safety reports each quarter.

If an employee gets hurt, the workplace anxiety can progress through your employees as they recognize perceived dangers. If the wellness dips you can create more problems at work, when we have very little injuries the moral of the workplace is good which causes little to no issues.

Without any injuries, the productivity of our employees is higher. Not only is the productivity higher but the quality of work is too, our employees don’t rush through a task so when they have everyone on board the process goes smoother and the quality can increase.

Our employees know what they need to do and how to get it done, the team works together and gets everything done.

With no injuries reported, the workplace is happier and gets done faster, no-one gets behind on anything.

Safety Hazard Prevention and Control

  • Maintain vehicles and equipment frequently- getting inspections on the trucks
  • Making sure that workers are aware of how to operate new and old equipment and maintain their personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Training workers to know how to react in specific situations and making sure they are using the correct procedures.
  • Making sure we are testing and double checking it’s the correct product we send it out to our customers.

Safe Handling of Liquids

For more information, contact Sarah Scott:

Phone: 314.644.3500 Ext. 1106


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