FASS Fuel Partners with CK Supply

St. Louis, Missouri, February 28th, 2024- CK Supply & FASS Fuel Systems are pleased to announce their partnership, combining CK Supply’s nitrogen cryogenic vessels and oxygen banks to meet the gas needs of FASS’s new BODOR cutting laser. The laser will run for 50+ hours a month to cut custom brackets for their diesel fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system.

Manufacturing continues to see a strong shift from dated material cutting methods, to the implementation of advanced fiber optic lasers.  These lasers allow for higher rates of cutting with increased precision across a variety of base materials.  Subsequently, the manufacturer captures increased productivity while reducing their QC rejection rate.  Liquid nitrogen and oxygen are critical components in the operation of these lasers.  Each gas plays a role in optimizing the lasers cut quality based on the parent material and its thickness.  CK Supply is excited to support Fass Diesel’s with high-quality and reliable supply of liquid nitrogen and oxygen for their new laser.

Prior to the purchase of the BODOR laser, FASS Fuel Systems was outsourcing the production of these brackets.  The acquisition of the laser allows them to bring the production in-house, driving costs down and providing full control in the quality of the product.  Along with the brackets, FASS Fuel Systems can now explore bringing more parts back under roof, while expanding the breadth of their offerings and abilities.

With over 200 tanks in the area servicing over 50+ Lasers, the team at CK Supply Inc. was the natural choice for getting this equipment up and running quickly and professionally. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with FASS Fuel Systems,” said Tyler Scholin, Territory Manager for CK Supply.  “This partnership is an example of CK’s ability to deliver tailored gas solutions and exemplifies our position as a trusted supplier in the industry.  We look forward to a mutually successful relationship and delivering exceptional value to the customer.”

For more information about CK Supply and the services we can provide for you, or your business, please visit our website at CKSupply.com. For more information on FASS Fuel Systems go to Fass-Fuel-Systems.com.

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