Bulk Helium

Fuel your bulk helium needs with CK Supply.

Bulk Helium Made Easy

Streamline costs and optimize your gas usage with CK Supply’s comprehensive approach to bulk helium.

  • Cylinders and Containers: Choose from an extensive selection of high-pressure cylinders for gaseous helium and a wide variety of dewars for liquid helium. With specialized packages, we make it easy to meet the unique requirements of your industry.
  • Bulk and Microbulk Delivery: Our versatile delivery systems cater to your helium supply needs with a full range of purities. Experience the convenience of gaseous helium in tube trailers or receivers permanently installed onsite. For liquid helium, we provide bulk liquid ISO framed containers with volumes up to 15,000 gallons.

Your Top Choice for Onsite Helium Delivery

Introducing the Gas Express System®, a cutting-edge solution to your micro-bulk storage and gas distribution needs. Experience the seamless delivery of helium directly from our truck to your stationary bulk containers, either indoors through a wall-mounted fill box connection or outdoors on a concrete pad.

Revolutionizing the Gas Supply Experience

With CK Supply, you can say goodbye to traditional phone orders and product monitoring. Our cellular system takes care of it all! We get notifications when your product level is low, then schedule bulk helium delivery for the very next day.

Refilled On Time, Every Time!

Redefine the way you manage your bulk helium supply with our Gas Express System®. Start a conversation today to learn more.

What Are the Different Applications of Bulk Helium?

Bulk helium’s applications span across a wide range of industries, with some of its most common uses including:

  • Cannabis: Thanks to its inert nature, helium gas is a valuable asset in the cannabis industry. Whether it’s CO2, hydrocarbon, or other extraction methods, helium is used as a carrier gas to facilitate the production of high-THC extracts and concentrates.
  • Construction: In the construction industry, helium’s unique properties make it an essential tool for leak detection. As buildings undergo testing and inspections, helium is employed to locate potential leaks in systems such as plumbing, gas pipelines, and refrigeration units.
  • Medical: Bulk helium plays a key role in laboratories and research facilities, as its low-temperature properties make it a top choice for experiments involving cooling and cryogenic applications.
  • Welding: Acting as a shielding gas in welding processes for the metal fabrication industry, helium helps facilitate the seamless and precise joining of materials.
Orange Brown and Blue Compressed Gas Tanks

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