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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a liquified, colorless gas with several applications in the food and beverage industry. The non-flammable properties of CO2 make it a great fit for a diverse range of products, specifically beverages. CO2 is easily produced in abundance. CO2 tanks from CK Supply offer your facility the opportunity to use a versatile gas for myriad applications—it’s an exceptionally useful key cryogenic agent for cooling, chilling, and freezing products. CK Supply offers a comprehensive range of gas tanks and bulk ordering options with unique sizes built to handle your needs with minimal hassle. If your facility relies on high-quality CO2, reach out to CK Supply today and find out why we set the industry standard for beverage-grade CO2.

Modular Tank Sizes To Scale With Your Business

Industries Served

In its liquid form, CO2 can freeze foods quickly, keep perishable items cold and maintain the ideal environment for food during transportation. It also can carbonate soft drinks and beer, is used as a raw material in many industrial processes, and is used for construction and manufacturing, along with healthcare and environmental uses.

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Water Treatment

Controlling pH is critical to maintaining a safe environment in many water treatment applications. CK Supply is your local CO2 delivery source and when you need variable amounts of quality product to condition water for recreational use or to treat wastewater. Many customers call us to supply an existing system, but our engineers can help you design and install a new, custom CO2 delivery system. CK Supply evaluates your process and recommends the most cost effective and efficient solution for water treatment application.

Fire Suppression

Unlike water or foaming agents, CO2 is an effective fire suppression alternative for machinery rooms and server storage areas that are sensitive to moisture. It is colorless and odorless and electrically non-conductive, which means it can put the fire out, prevent it from spreading, and not harm the electronic equipment in the room. CO2 is ideal for areas such as engine rooms, power stations, and unoccupied rooms with large industrial machinery.  

This is a delicate balance, however. Areas that used CO2 for fire suppression must be safe for occupants and first responders.  Proper equipment sizing requires a certain amount of storage with the proper vaporization and flow.

CK Supply can not only deliver the CO2 your system needs, but also provide safety consultants and mechanical inspections, so you’re confident your fire suppression system will work when you need it.  

 Benefits of CO2 Fire Suppression Systems: 

  • Fast Acting Extinguishing – Not just containment 
  • Minimize Fire and Smoke Damage 
  • Minimize Water Damage and Cleanup Time 
  • Protect Critical Assets and People 

Are you located in the Greater Kansas City area?

CK Supply is now offering Bulk and Microbulk CO2 options to best fit your business needs.

Cultivation & Extraction

Supplementing cannabis grow operations has been proven and commonly used method to increase plant yields and provide higher quality products, particularly for indoor and greenhouse growing operations. If CO2 levels are too low, plants will suffer which is why cultivators actively put CO2 back into their growing environment during and after harvest.  

CK Supply supports this by helping growers design and implement integrated CO2 cultivation systems. Our CO2 systems are modular and can be as a few high pressure cylinders or more advanced installation with customized delivery systemequipped with CO2 dosing controls to dial in the PPM (Parts Per Million) evenly throughout the facility. Our Microbulk and bulk CO2 capabilities mean we can consult on right sizing a system depending on your demands. 

Monitoring & Controls: Your CO2 delivery system performs a simple function, introducing pure CO2 into a controlled environment. The advantage that CK Supply gives you is we can supply the tools your operation needs to measure existing CO2, monitor the amount of gas you are introducing into the environment, and the ability to precisely control how much gas you are using.

Advantages of Using CO2

  • Produces no excess water vapor or heat compared to burning propane or natural gas.
  • Released gas is easily controlled and monitored.
  • More cost effective than burning fuels
  • Smoke from burning fuels can contain substances that are harmful to plants

Research (Medical/Incubators)

Medical practicesresearch facilitieshospitals and universities use CO2 for many purposes including minimally invasive surgeries, and respiratory stimulation during and after anesthesia. Co2 is also an important part of organ incubators; lab work to help diagnose kidney or respiratory problemsanimal euthanasia or even to keep transplantable organs cold during transportation.  

CO2 we can provide:

  • Research Grade – 4.8 – 99.998% 
  • Laser Grade – 4.5 – 99.995% 
  • Coleman/Instrument Grade  4.0 – 99.99% 
  • Anaerobic – 3.0 – 99.9% 
  • Bone Dry – 2.8 – 99.8% 
  • USP / Lab / Industrial – 2.0 – 99.0% 
  • Industrial 

Our CO2 delivery reach extends beyond the St. Louis area and across southern Illinois and eastern Missouri, making us an ideal partner for healthcare providers and hospitals throughout the area. Our reliable, professional delivery and maintenance services make sure you have an uninterrupted flow of CO2 for any medical or research purpose.


A lot goes into the perfectly poured pint of beer or a cold, refreshing soda. A safe, reliable CO2 delivery system is an important asset for a brewery, bar, or a restaurant, and when these businesses need a dependable partner to make sure these systems are supplied and well-maintained, they turn to CK Supply. We supply breweries and soda bottlers with the CO2 they need to maintain pristine product quality.

We are a local leader in CO2 delivery and services. Our qualified technicians are on hand to troubleshoot and repair even the most complex CO2 delivery system issues.

Beyond hops, yeast, and barley, an essential ingredient to the finest microbrews is CO2. An uninterrupted supply of CO2 for carbonation is crucial to maintaining a quality product and keeping your customers happy.

Even the smallest brew operations need a safe, reliable method of CO2 delivery. CK Supply is more than a gas supplier—we’re the partner your microbrewery needs to ensure a steady supply of food-grade gas for your products. We can handle bulk, microbulk, and even cylinder delivery. We even install and service CO2 systems when your brewery wants to expand or move to another location.

Stouts and porters have a thicker, almost creamy texture. This requires nitrogen, which gives an additional complexity to heavier beers. CK Supply can install nitrogen lines or adapt existing systems to accept nitrogen affordably and with little interruption of ongoing operations.

Carbonation is an important part of dispensing draft beers. This means your CO2 delivery system needs to be reliable and it should be able to maintain a proper pressure for serving beer. This requires a special kind of science, as the pressure in the system needs to be balanced and appropriate for your system. Over time, your system will lose this balance and may even develop leaks. This wastes product but, more important, the system could fail when you need it most.

CK Supply can make sure your entire CO2 or nitrogen system is perfectly balanced from keg to tap. Our maintenance technicians have worked with simple, single keg systems all the way to complex brewery CO2 draft beer systems to give us the experience and knowledge we need to service any beverage delivery system.

Does your bar or restaurant serve multiple styles of micro-brew’s?  Maintaining that perfect carbonation for each individual beverage is tricky, especially if you have a large facility and need to push your beverages a long way. Depending on the beverage type pure CO2 systems that are under higher pressure could over-carbonate a beverage as it travels through the system, creating more foam and more wasted product that goes down the drain. 

No more switching out cylinders, costly down time, late deliveries, or frustrating run outs when you have on-site N2 generators. 

This is why many breweries and restaurants opt for on-site nitrogen gas generators for larger requirements. This equipment provides an on-demand supply of nitrogen that can supplement any beverage system. A popular application is to create a 70% nitrogen, 30% CO2 blend that allows you to turn up the pressure and push carbonated beverages farther along the system. Nitrogen also helps keep the interior of your lines clear and inert.  These systems are a great alternative for customers that have a large inventory of mixed gas cylinders taking up valuable space in their beverage rooms. 

Your restaurant or convenience store relies on its beverage service to keep customers happy, and this means your CO2 delivery system needs to provide a steady stream of carbonation and pressure. It can easily be forgotten or taken for granted, and like any mechanical system, it needs proper maintenance to provide the reliable service your business needs.

When your system is not properly maintained, it is susceptible to leaks, weak pressure, and poor mixture with syrup, resulting in strange tastes and downtime. CK Supply can help you maintain your system and keep it clean so there are no leaks, no foul tastes or odors, and no wasted product. We help you find the right blend and can train your kitchen staff and employees on the proper ways to maintain and clean the system safely every day.

Food Applications

The CO2 we deliver at CK Supply is as pure as possible. One of the common questions we get from customers is if there’s a difference between “normal” grade CO2 gases and “food grade” gases. There is certainly a difference, and we make sure your CO2 is correct for food preservation purposes or even as an ingredient in your products. The food-grade gas we sell isn’t the same that’s used to power paintball guns or life rafts; with CryoGas, you can be sure it was handled and packaged with the greatest care.

Supercritical (sometimes referred to as “subcritical”) fluid extraction uses the ability of CO2 to be an excellent solvent under a careful combination of temperature and pressure.

Pure CO2 gas or gas mixtures are important ingredients in maintaining freshness and food quality for products that may need to remain packaged for a substantial amount of time. Even the most carefully crafted products should be transported and stored in an environment that allows them to remain as fresh as the day the package was sealed.

CK Supply CO2 delivery systems are reliable and cost-effective and they are important to prolonging the shelf life of fresh or processed foods. Our bulk and Microbulk delivery systems allow for effective product delivery.

The FDA’s standard for “food grade” CO2 is that the gas needs to be 99.9% pure carbon dioxide. Using CO2 that is of lesser quality can introduce harmful hydrocarbons into your products. If you use CO2 at any point during your food production process or even as an additive to the product itself, it’s important to source your CO2 from a reputable supplier that understands not only how to handle CO2 intended for food purposes, but can document it as well.

Our value comes through our confidence that the CO2 we provide your business is perfect for your food application. CK Supply can not only reliably deliver the food-grade CO2 your business needs, but we can explain exactly how we maintain that purity and provide you with documentation. This is proof the gas you’re using is the highest quality.


Shielding gas is critical to a strong, reliable weld and one of the most common gases that can be used in is straight Co2. It is inexpensive and with CK Supply is easily available in Cylinders, Bulk, or Microbulk quantities. We can meet any industrial CO2 demand!

If you need a CO2 storage or delivery system, CK Supply evaluates and recommends, designs, and installs the most effective and efficient solution. We have helped dozens of industrial and manufacturing operations big and small upgrade old systems or install new ones, either in the facility or at the job site.

Why CK Supply?

If you work in the food and beverage industry, you can’t afford to compromise the quality of your products. That’s why CK Supply works tirelessly to offer our customers exactly what they need to perform their role. You don’t skimp on quality, and neither do we. You need a provider that matches your enthusiasm for finding the right solution, not just the most convenient one. To explore our diverse product offerings, reach out to our team today.

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