Gas Switchover Systems

A gas switchover system is the ideal solution to facilities that require a continuous stream of gas. Learn about the differences between automatic and manual switchover systems and why they’re worth investing in for your company.

What Are Gas Switchovers?

Gas switchover systems, also known as changeover systems, are designed to provide uninterrupted flows of industrial gases to your facility. Continuous streams of gas are required in businesses like grow operations, breweries, restaurants, and pools. If you need a consistent supply of gas, a switchover system is the commercial gas equipment you’re looking for.

What Is a Manual Gas Switchover System?

A manual gas switchover system is a gas switchover system that needs to be manually triggered. You need to do some work with a manual gas switchover system, because a manual switchover system requires a person to swap tanks when the gas is low. There are two options for the configuration of manual systems: single tank and multitank. Single-tank systems require complete gas shut down while the tanks are replaced.

Multitank systems can maintain a continuous gas supply as long as someone’s there to swap the tanks. Multitank systems accomplish this if you have a worker there switching valves to a second tank when the first one empties. Multitank systems can still run into problems, though. For example, if the secondary tank also empties before the first is replaced, no gas will feed into your system. The multitank manual system is preferable but still risky for facilities that demand a constant flow of industrial gas.

Pros And Cons Of Manual Gas Switchover System

Now that we better understand what a manual switchover system is, let’s discuss their pros and cons as commercial gas equipment.

  • Low upfront costs. Manual systems cost slightly less to install initially.
  • Easier maintenance. There’s very little to go wrong in manual systems because of their simplicity, especially with single-tank systems.
  • Gas supply interruptions. In the case of a grow operation, even a small break to the supply of carbon dioxide can be disastrous.
  • Time investment. Not only do your workers have to spend time watching and swapping out tanks, but you need to have someone at your facility at all times ready to make the swap when needed.

What Is an Automatic Gas Switchover System?

If you’re looking for more efficient commercial gas equipment, an automatic gas switchover system is the solution for you. Automatic switchover systems modernize gas delivery systems with a propane switchover valve. The propane switchover valve automatically switches tanks when required, saving you time. You can even hook up as many tanks as you want to your system and industrial gases can flow uninterrupted.

Pros And Cons Of Automatic Gas Switchover System

  • You save time. By having an automatic changeover between tanks, you save your workers time.
  • Consistency. You’ll never have to worry about your facility losing connection with an automatic system. Automatic systems take human error out of the equation.
  • Unlimited options. You could hook up as many tanks as you want to an automatic switchover system—your delivery system could be set up for months.
  • Up-front price. You will pay more for an automatic system when you first get it installed.
  • Expensive maintenance. Maintenance for automatic systems is more expensive because of the complexity of the system. Despite the higher costs, we think the pros outweigh the cons with an automatic system.

Why Gas Switchovers Are Valuable Commercial Gas Equipment

Gas switchover systems are invaluable pieces of commercial gas equipment. We’ve thoroughly covered why gas switchover systems are valuable for facilities that require continuous streams, but they’re really worth considering for any business. Switchover systems save time and are always able to be shut off when you’re done with gas. We highly recommend switchover systems for any business, but particularly if your needs demand continuous gas.

CK Supply Can Meet All of Your Commercial Gas Equipment Needs

Regardless of what kind of switchover system you’re interested in, CK Supply can fulfill your needs. Whether your business needs gaswelding equipment, or some of the commercial gas equipment we’ve described, we have it covered. We’re driven by finding solutions, and we can figure out what the most effective option is for your business.


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