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Experienced welders know a strong, dependable welding table can make all the difference in a successful project. Whether you specialize in TIG welding or MIG welding, you need a heavy-duty work surface to maintain consistent quality. Our reliable welding tables have a high load capacity, maintain an even working level, and possess a slatted or perforated design that allows electrical arcs, sparks, and slag to pass through easily. Cleaning up slag produced by filler material can significantly increase project lead times and negatively impact overall work quality, but with a slatted or perforated table design, you can keep tabletops clean and turnaround times fast. Certain welding tables may even allow modular fixturing so they can convert from manual to automated welding processes on the fly.

Looking for fixturing tables, magnetic tables, or layout tables? We cary premier brands likes Strong Hands and Siegmund.

Welding Tables Built To Last

Work with CK Supply and brands like StronghandsMiller, and Siegman.

Improve Weld Accuracy and Productivity With a Weld Table

Stop into any of our five retail locations to discuss how a welding table can improve your operations. With a variety of customizable fixturing and equipment, tables are modular for any size equipment. Our tables can be combined with ergonomic solutions and positioners to bring the work piece to the welder.

We will never sacrifice quality by using off-brand or imported equipment. Our locally owned and operated company only stocks quality premium product lines that we stand behind 100%.

If you’re seeking welding tables for sale, look no further. CK Supply has you covered.


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