Metal Fabrication

CK Supply is an industry-leading provider of metal fabrication supplies and industrial welding gas.

The metal fabrication industry relies heavily on industrial welding gas and metal fabrication supplies. CK Supply has the expert knowledge and inventory to satisfy your requirements.

High-quality Industrial Welding Gas for Metal Fabrication

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High-Quality, Pure Industrial Welding Gas


When combined with oxygen, acetylene generates a high flame temperature ideal for braze-welding and other oxy-fuel technologies. Some of the benefits of oxyacetylene welding include:

  • Ability to quickly switch from welding tip to cutting tip
  • Gas mixture reaches a high temperature
  • Regulators that control gas flow and reduce pressure to oxygen and acetylene tanks
  • Temperature regulation by adjusting gas flow


Argon is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic gas that plays a crucial role in metal fabrication. Argon assures stable arc performance by protecting the welding environment from the outside atmosphere.

CK Supply provides argon as a compressed gas or liquid, and our individually sized cylinders eliminate unwanted spatters and weak welds.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is combined with argon to prevent atmospheric contamination of molten metal. This gas mixture reduces the need for post-weld treatments.

CK Supply not only offers high-quality laboratory-certified carbon dioxide, but we also provide cylinder filling and delivery services.


A combustible and light gas, hydrogen easily mixes with argon to offer protection from gas in welding.

CK Supply offers multiple options to meet your hydrogen needs. We equipped our St. Louis headquarters with an automated fill plant capable of filling several banks at once.

CK Supply’s Innovative Delivery System

CK Supply offers our industry-leading Gas Express System®. This delivery system uses telemetry and cellular technology to monitor your supply inventory. When supply is low, our facilities receive an alert, and delivery is scheduled for the next day. Our delivery system eliminates:

  • Cylinder handling
  • Product run-outs
  • Inventory management
  • Job-related injuries

Metal Fabrication Equipment Offered by CK Supply

CK Supply is one of the largest metal fabrication equipment suppliers in the midwest. Some of the products we have in our inventory include:

  • Band saws
  • Cold saw
  • CNC cutting machines
  • Weld cleaning machines
  • Magnetic drills
  • CNC punching machines

CK Supply also offers a convenient welding equipment rental program that features products from the top producers in the industry.

Metal Fabrication Repair When You Need It

CK Supply is a full-service supplier that offers consultation and repair when you need it. We understand how valuable your metal fabrication equipment is, which is why we employ factory-certified technicians that service all of your equipment. Some of the advantages our repair services offer include:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Minimal downtime
  • Onsite repairs

We are a certified warranty center for Miller, Lincoln, and Hypertherm equipment, and have the quickest turnaround in the area.

We Provide Quality Metal Fabrication Equipment and Industrial Welding Gas That Suit Your Needs

We built our business on delivering high-quality industrial welding gas for the metal fabrication industry. We provide metal fabrication supplies for operations of any size and are the largest independent welding and cutting equipment supplier in Missouri. Contact CK Supply today to learn more about why we’re an industrial fabrication supplier leader.

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