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Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that makes up nearly 80% of the air we breathe. Although typically considered an inert gas, that’s not entirely true. It’s an extremely useful gas that can be used to aid myriad biological processes. It’s among the most commonly used industrial gas by customers, and boasts several useful applications across many industries, including pumping and pressure testing. CK Supply offers custom-tailored orders for industrial nitrogen tanks, so you can always perform the service you need without having to worry about the quality, purity, or safety of your gas tank. CK Supply offers custom-tailored orders for nitrogen tanks, so you can always perform the service you need without having to worry about the quality, purity, or safety of your gas tank.

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CK Supply offers several options to meet your nitrogen gas cylinder needs. We specialize in distributing various nitrogen tank sizes, quickly executing nitrogen tank refills, and maintaining gas storage systems. Our headquarters, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is equipped with an automated fill plant capable of filling several banks of cylinders at one time. This ensures that you receive your gases in a timely and efficient manner. CK Supply also can install and maintain bulk and micro-bulk nitrogen storage tanks. Our tanks range in size from 50 gallons to 11,000 gallons and beyond. With having five locations throughout Missouri and Illinois, we maintain consistent inventory of all cylinder types making exchanging empty cylinders quick and easy. We also offer fast local delivery, making sure we meet all our customers industrial gas needs. Look no further for your supply of lightweight, versatile nitrogen gas.

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  • Chemical Market

    Chemical companies utilize nitrogen as a pressurized gas, which aids the propulsion of liquids through pipelines. It can also be extremely effective for protecting materials that are oxygen-sensitive from the air.

  • Cryogenic Storage

    Nitrogen gas can keep samples at the correct temperature. Cryogenic LN2 refrigerators and freezers aid the transport of blood, DNA, RNA, and other biological samples.

  • Energy

    Nitrogen functions as a blanketing agent to separate sensitive products and processes and protect them from the air. It can also be utilized as a purging agent to prevent contamination for piping and equipment.

  • Healthcare

    Similar to cryogenic storage and food and beverage, nitrogen is used to freeze and preserve pertinent objects; for healthcare, blood, tissue, and other specimens that need to be kept in good condition.

  • Metal Production

    Nitrogen prevents oxidation, and is a critical factor in the heat-treating process.

  • Welding And Metal Fabrication

    Welders and metal fabricators can use nitrogen for laser cutting and plasma cutting.

  • Food And Beverage

    If you work in the food and beverage industry, nitrogen is a critical element to keeping food cooled, chilled, or frozen. It plays a significant role in reducing spoilage, discoloration, and off-flavors, all factors that could play a part in turning away customers if you’re not careful.

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