Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

Contact your local branch location, and they will be able to verbally give you a quote or email or fax. Visit our contact page for an easy to fill out form.

Visit our Resources Page and you will be able to access some of our most common SDS sheets. If you need a specific SDS sheet, please contact any of our branch locations, and they will be able to obtain the SDS for you.

Certificate of analysis will always be accompanied with every cylinder during delivery or pick that requires them. However, we understand that paperwork can be misplaced at times, and if you need a new copy, please contact our inside sales department. They will be able to track down the certificate of analysis.

Once you have signed an agreement with CK Supply, you will receive a welcome packet detailing the main contact for your individual account. If you can’t remember your sales rep, you can always contact any local branch and have them search your account for you.

For more information on our fuel surcharge policy please view our fuel surcharge page.

Gas Cylinder Questions

Contact your local branch location or specific sales rep and provide your account number. They will be able to provide a report of the specific quantity and mixture of cylinders you currently have on site.

Cylinders can be returned/exchanged at any of our branch locations during normal business hours. If you need to see store location and hours visit our locations page.

Safe cylinder transportation depends largely on the type of vehicle, internal contents, and amount being transported. Some general recommendations include always securing a cylinder in an upright position. If a cylinder has a threaded valve protection cap, always secure hand tight before transporting. Any load containing over 1,000+ lbs. of compressed gases need to be placarded and accompanied with a hazmat certified driver. Please contact your CeeKay inside sales department in regards to questions getting cylinders safely to and from a location.

Depending on the size and type of cylinder, CK Supply may exchange a customer-owned cylinder. Typical ‘exchange’ sizes are 40cf, below knee high, gases, or 20lbs or lower CO2 tanks. Larger cylinders are generally leased or rented and are typically owned by the company stated on the cylinder or identification label. Please call us before stopping by one of our locations if you have any questions regarding the exchange process.

CK Supply does not fill cylinders on site. We provide cylinder leases for a majority of our cylinders and simply exchange your empty cylinder when you need a new one.

Each CK Supply cylinder will have a specific gas cylinder sticker located near the neck ring of the cylinder. If the sticker has damage or is no longer identifiable, please locate the cylinder TraCKer number and contact any branch location.

Dry Ice Questions

Dry Ice is available for commercial and retail purposes. Each branch location carries around 200lbs of pellets available for retail (10lb minimum) walk in customers, and it can be purchased during normal business hours. An insulated container suitable for holding dry ice is required, or CeeKay can sell one to you at time of pick up. If you need larger amounts than 200 lbs., please call 314-644-3500, and they will be able to discuss your individual needs and how to purchase dry ice.

Dry ice blasting is a new form of non-abrasive blasting for industrial cleaning applications. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air with high-velocity nozzles and pelletized dry ice for safe, less abrasive surface cleaning. Contact our rental department to find out pricing and how dry ice blasting can save you time and money. Please be prepared to discuss your project at length in order to determine if your application is a good fit for blasting and our rental equipment.

Welding Questions

CK Supply does offer weld training in our Hil Bax Technical Center. Classes cost $295 and feature classes such as MIGTIG, Oxy- Fuel, Stick, and Virtual Welding. We also offer customized training for companies looking for internal training to improve internal skills and product quality. If you want more information and class dates please visit our Hil Bax Tech page.

Welders and larger equipment are available for rent at a CK Supply. Items such as Engine Drives, Fume Extractors, MIG, TIG, Stick, Wire Feeders, Cylinder Cages, Mag Drills, Plasma Cutters, Spool Guns, Welding Cable, Dry Ice Blasting, and more are available. Contact our rental department to check availability and pricing.

CK Supply is a certified welder repair center for Miller, Lincoln, ESAB, Hypertherm, Koike, and more! Please contact our repair department to see how our repair department can get you back up and running in no time.

Trust CK Supply For High-Quality Equipment, Premium Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service.

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