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CK Supply: A Leading Supplier of Bulk CO2 for Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry requires bulk CO2 for grow room and extraction. As a leading supplier of bulk and industrial gases, CK Supply has the delivery capacity to ensure a steady supply of CO2 tanks for grow room operations.

A Leading Supplier of CO2 Tanks for Grow Rooms

CK Supply understands the important role CO2 plays in cannabis production. Reach out today to see how our bulk CO2 enhances cannabis production.

CO2’s Role in Cannabis Production

CO2 plays a critical role in photosynthesis, so increasing CO2 levels in your garden allows your cannabis plants to create more energy, leading to quicker growth and higher yield. CK Supply offers two strategies to supply CO2 for your grow room.

Compressed CO2

Compressed gas is a simple and effective way to introduce more CO2; CK Supply offers compressed CO2 in bulk and mini-bulk tanks. When you order from us, you receive CO2 extraction equipment that allows you to regulate gas flow into your grow room.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. As it warms, it releases gaseous CO2 into the atmosphere. CK Supply provides high-quality dry ice that is manufactured the day it is ordered. Our five retail locations have dry ice pellets available for pick-ups with a 10 pound minimum.

Benefits of Using CO2 for Cannabis Production

Faster Growth

Higher levels of CO2 allow your plants to absorb light and nutrients quicker, resulting in faster growth.

High-Temperature Resistance

Adding additional CO2 to a grow room allows you to keep room temperatures at higher levels. This helps growers use hot lights and makes it easier to keep temperatures at a range ideal for plant growth.

Better Security

CO2 enrichment doesn’t require you to vent out foul air, so growers can enhance security by completely sealing their grow room.

CO2 Extraction vs. Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction

Multiple forms of cannabis rely on solvents to strip the unwanted material from the desired chemicals. Solvent extraction involves soaking the cannabis in ethanol, separating the plant material through liquid filtration, and removing the excess gas through evaporation. However, ethanol is limited in the cannabis products it produces and is more labor-intensive because of its high boiling point.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction uses controlled temperature and pressure to create phase changes in CO2; this process protects cannabinoid integrity while extracting the cannabis plant. CO2 extraction is a preferred method of solvent because it’s:

  • Cheaper
  • Nontoxic
  • Nonflammable
  • Leaves less residue

CK Supply Delivers Bulk CO2 Tanks for Grow Rooms

CK Supply offers bulk CO2 tanks in various sizes to satisfy your gas needs. Our Gas Express System® delivers you gas directly from our truck to your stationary liquid containers. Our innovative delivery system eliminates:

  • Cylinder handling
  • Product run-outs
  • Process interruptions
  • Excessive vent loss

Contact CK Supply today if you need CO2 to enhance your cannabis growing capabilities.

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