Fixed Automation Systems

Fixed or hard automation systems are commonly used for processes that involve long, repeatable welds. The welding gun is held in a fixed position, and supporting equipment is used to position the work through linear or rotational motion. The main advantage of robotic welding is that mechanical systems can perform repetitive tasks with absolute precision, consistency, and speed.

We Work With Industry-Leading Vendors

Automated processes are faster, safer, and more cost-effective than manual processes. Since the welding industry is experiencing a shortage of trained, experienced welders, programmable automation has risen in recent years to fill the void. CK Supply provides custom fixed robotic automation systems for dozens of applications.

Pandjiris Inc.

For over 70 years, Pandjiris has delivered automated welding and positioning solutions. Pandjiris is a St. Louis based manufacturer recognized worldwide for custom fixed MIG, TIG, and subarc fixed welding applications. They are committed to leading the positioning and automated welding field through innovation, integrity, flexibility, and quality. Their products are commonly used for truck and trailer manufacturing, earth-moving equipment, metal furniture and container manufacturing, power generation equipment, defense, shipbuilding, railroad car production, pressure vessel production, and aerospace applications.

CK Supply works closely with them to deliver customized fixed automated welding solutions for thousands of industrial applications.

  • Welding positioners
  • Welding manipulators
  • Tank turning rolls
  • Hot/cold rolling
  • Weld controllers
  • Self-centering welding grippers
  • Seam welders
  • Slides and swivels
  • Head and tailstocks
  • Turntables
  • Controllers
  • Customized positioning systems
  • Specialized parts

Koike Aronson

CK Supply also works with Koike Aronson for expanded fixed welding and plasma cutting products. They deliver different types of automation systems so we can provide varied solutions to our customers. Koike Aronson products can be found working with heavy equipment, construction, tank fabrication, shipbuilding, and aviation applications.

  • Advanced cutting machines
  • Welding/positioning equipment
  • Portable cutting/welding machines
  • General fabrication
  • Energy and power plants
  • Food preparation
  • CNC cutting
  • Laser cutting

Streamline Your Welding Processes With CK Supply

Fixed robotic welding is an essential advancement for modern manufacturing. Contact CK Supply to see if it’s right for you. Our technicians are ready to help.

The Advantages of Fixed Automation

Hard automation is a starting point for businesses that want to integrate robotics in their processes, particularly if they have relied on manual welding to accomplish long, repeatable welds. Hard automation can be re-tooled and adjusted to accomplish other tasks.

Fixed automation systems will benefit large manufacturing operations that manufacture specific parts and products and rely on repeatable quality for every welded piece. Say an application requires welding 20 feet of an I-beam. Even a highly experienced manual welder would struggle to complete a consistent weld, but with positioners and a fixed welding gun, hard automation can travel along the beam to create a straight, consistent weld. The larger the application is, the more cost-effective fixed welding will be.

Hard automation requires little programming, and some systems can be manually controlled. Fixed automation systems depend on the process itself, which means it is simpler to train an operator to use the robot. Also, no programming experience is needed, only welding, which reduces setup times and complexity. Another important benefit of fixed automation systems is that it doesn’t take much time or resources to train a welder to use automatic positioning and fixed welding systems to accomplish the same process.


Years of Experience

When Flexible Automation Is Preferable

Where fixed welding works for repeatable manufacturing processes, the more complex a part is, the better suited it is for flexible welding. A piece that requires a lot of twists and turns or welding in tight spaces needs flexibility in regards to torch orientation which suits a flexible welding application much better than a fixed welding setup.

Next Level Fixed Robotic Welding Training and Product Demos

Our Training Center is an essential resource that will train your technicians on the latest robotic welding and hard automation techniques. This training comes directly from our vendors, and it allows your operators to try out different types of automation systems and new techniques outside of their normal work environment.

Since 1948, CK Supply has provided welding products, industrial gases, and related services to industrial and manufacturing customers all across the Midwest. Call us today to find out more about our training programs and our fixed welding systems.

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