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Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a colorless and odorless gas present at a very low concentration in the air we breathe. Classified as a hazardous substance by the Health & Safety Organization, higher concentrations of carbon dioxide are harmful and fatal in many circumstances. One of the biggest dangers of carbon dioxide is that it is a “silent killer” undetectable by human senses.

Gas Sensors For Agriculture

Agriculture is an industry at the very heart of our world. Farmers ensure we have livestock, fish, and crops to feed our families every day. With the global population ever increasing, we have had to find more innovative, safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly ways of farming. CK Supply provides a wide range of industrial gas detection systems and analyzers that can help improve process analysis and site and staff safety.

Managing carbon dioxide concentrations helps create optimal plant growth and livestock development conditions. Too much CO₂ can kill plant and animal life—gas sensors prevent plant loss by providing accurate readings. Using a combination of CO₂ and oxygen level detectors helps you give poultry and livestock a balanced and comfortable environment.

Livestock farming is the most significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). One cow produces around 300 liters of methane (CH4) per week. We can protect the environment and make pastoral farming less damaging through nutritional and genetic research in a laboratory environment. Companies can use analyzers to measure CH4 and CO₂ levels expelled from the animals’ digestive systems.

Oxygen Level Detectors And HAZMAT

Exposure to chemicals commonly used in workplaces can lead to various short- and long-term health effects, such as poisoning, skin rashes, and disorders of the lung, kidney, and liver. You should test the air to ensure the correct level of oxygen (O₂) (20.9%) is maintained and that the air is free from contamination. Using a portable or fixed breathing air monitor to either spot check or continually monitor this supply ensures the safety of the HAZMAT key worker in line with the EN12021 regulations.

It’s easier to stay protected on the field with oxygen, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, water, and carbon monoxide monitoring systems. CK Supply can provide an ACG+ Multi-Gas Analyzer to continuously measure the quality of the air to keep your team safe.

We assist with meeting EN12021, OSHA, CGA, and CSA standards. The HAZMAT suits are a critical part of the PPE. Usually, they consist of impermeable material covering the entire body and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCUBA) to ensure a clean air supply. These suits keep you safe and make sure the compressed air you breathe is safe.

Food & Beverage Gas Safety Monitors

Pubs and bars routinely use CO₂ or a nitrogen (N₂) mix to “pump” beverages through beer gas lines or carbonate drinks on site. Bars, restaurants, and other leisure facility gas suppliers deliver gas to put the “fizz” in drinks and help transport the beverage from keg to pump and enhance the taste. CO₂ keeps the keg contents sterile and maintains draft beer equipment.

There are thousands of CO₂ cylinders and tanks in restaurants. In addition to keeping the areas surrounding tanks and cylinders well-ventilated, you should install carbon dioxide monitoring devices. CK Supply’s CO₂ monitors help keep your customers and employees safe and meet the local fire code. Our detection alarms are cost effective, maintenance-free, and designed to protect you from leaks. They include an audible and visual warning.

CO₂ is also used to preserve food. The benefits of using CO₂ monitors for food storage include:

  • Improved shelf life for fish, vegetables, fruits, and meat
  • Lower mycotoxin levels and high-quality grain
  • Reduced chances for microbial spoilage and loss of flavor in food

Biogas Monitoring

Protecting our planet has never been more critical. Globally, we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to lower the levels of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted and combat climate change. There are many other energy options available:

  • Biomass
  • Biogas
  • Tidal energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • Solar

CK Supply offers state-of-the-art biogas monitoring systems that collect data on biogas plant operations and highlights performance issues. With a real-time monitoring solution, you can use performance insights to address problems quickly and efficiently. We provide accurate readings and reports to ensure safe and sustainable biogas production for your treatment plant.

Gas Manufacturing

When CO₂ leaks, it can cause asphyxiation and is highly toxic even at low levels. International legislations such as OSHA, EH40, and NIOSH state that you must not be exposed to even 1.5% CO₂ for more than 15 minutes.

By understanding the risks posed by gas leaks and having the correct equipment to detect, monitor, and analyze the gas, you have the knowledge and tools to save lives. CK Supply built our range of industrial gas detectors to do just that. By detecting dangerous levels of gas and alerting the user to these levels, the user can act quickly and safely

Laboratory Gas Detectors

A wide variety of gases are used in laboratories, such as CO₂, argon (Ar), helium (He), N₂, and O₂. These gases pose a severe risk if they leak; this risk can occur from fixed piped systems or individual gas cylinders.

CK Supply offers a range of fixed and portable industrial gas detectors suitable for various laboratory and medical processes that use gas and are ideal for detecting gas leaks. From portable O₂ monitors, such as our Aspida, to fixed monitors such as the O₂NE+, our range can help keep you safe from inert gas leaks.

Laboratory environments use CO₂ as a laboratory gas in cryogenic applications, sample transportation, and cell culture incubators. Other gases stored in laboratories include inert gases such as Ar, N₂, and He, which are used as carrier gases or in cryogenics. While a leak of CO₂ will cause a higher concentration of this gas in the atmosphere, a leak of any of the above gases can lead to O₂ depletion.

Gas Monitoring Systems For Submarines

We understand the importance of ensuring your personnel are protected by appropriate and effective gas monitoring, especially in the submarine environment. We are dedicated to offering a personalized service tailored to your specific requirements.

The design and engineering team’s hard work ensures we can offer innovative equipment optimized to suit the environment and designed to be supported effectively throughout the platform’s life. We provide support onboard the submarines themselves and on submarine bases and offer dockside services.

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