Carbon Dioxide

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless gas commonly found in our atmosphere. While it is a waste product from our bodies and from buring fossil fuels, it also has many industrial and commercial uses, for example as a shield gas for welding, as a supercritical solvent for food production, and to add carbonation to beverages.

There are many business uses of CO2 and delivering safe, food-grade carbon dioxide gas is the foundation of what CK Supply provides. If your business requires CO2 in any quantity, look to CK Supply as your sole CO2 supplier for:

  • Microbreweries and winemakers
  • Cultivators
  • Food manufacturers
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Retail locations and gas stations
  • Fire suppression
  • Welding applications

Clean, Consistent Carbon Dioxide
Cool, calm, and collected, CO2 meets your needs.

Stay Safe With CO2

Carbon dioxide is an essential gas with many industrial and agricultural applications. It’s also known as a silent killer. CK Supply keeps your workers safe with many affordable, maintenance-free CO2 monitors and alarms.

Cylinders & Liquid Dewars

CK Supply is the Midwest’s premier supplier of cylinder gases, and through their expertise and reach, we can supply gas cylinders for any industrial or commercial use including mixed beer gas and food grade nitrogen.


Most business owners are more concerned with the uninterrupted, cost-effective delivery of CO2 than the method employed. But for businesses with limited indoor storage space for gas; outdoor storage locations that are not appropriate for large bulk tanks because of space or safety constraints; or those that find cylinder delivery is not the most effective way to store and use CO2, we have  a better option.

CK Supply understands that not all customers are the same, which is why we offer bulk delivery, cylinder delivery, and everything in between. Microbulk gas tanks are modular in design and are intended to be upgraded and expanded as your needs grow. They are the perfect solution when you need CO2 in large quantities but do not (or cannot) install a larger bulk tank.

Some other benefits of Microbulk tanks:

  • Higher efficiency than cylinder delivery options.
  • No down time for cylinder swaps, your system runs even as the tank is being refilled.
  • Enhanced purity of product.
  • Different microbulk tank sizes are scalable to your needs
  • Less product loss.
  • On-site filling.
  • Remote monitoring for increased safety.


Bulk CO2 Delivery is simple. Liquefied gases are transported in company owned & operated tanker trucks with trailers and stored in cryogenic vessels. These tanks are available in various sizes, ranging from 600 to 15,000 gallons, to suit the customer’s requirement. The tanks have an inner vessel or “liquid container” which is surrounded and supported by an outer vessel or “vacuum jacket.” The space between the two is filled with a natural material that provides insulation.

The delivery system includes piping which carries gas from the inner vessel through the vacuum jacket to the outside, controlled by gauges and valves mounted outside of the tank. Other relevant accessories such as vaporizers and remote tank-level monitoring are also available as required. An uninterrupted supply of either liquid or gas is assured at all times.

CK Supply helps you eliminate supply shortages by installing and maintaining a CO2 delivery system that meets your exact specifications. These tanks are available to buy outright or lease. If you have large CO2 needs from expansion, have been relying on cylinder gases for too long, or are tired of unreliable deliveries from your current supplier, call CK Supply today. We can make sure you have the reliable CO2 delivery system you need.

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