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CK Supply Inc., is excited to announce the addition of a new nationwide service offering for end user on-site dry ice production and CO2 applications. The year of 2020 has been a watershed moment for all participants in the CO2 industry fully realizing the specific challenges of seasonal demand, limited supply, regional transportation constraints and macroeconomic headwinds that can impact the ability to maintain a reliable carbon dioxide supply at an affordable price.

As the industry continues to react and evolve, the team at CK Supply has adapted to provide a service offering for end users desiring greater control over supply chain impacts when it comes to CO2 (gas or liquid) and Dry Ice (solid). Applications requiring reliable, quality and affordable CO2 are expanding exponentially as changing consumer trends within cannabis legalization (cultivation and extraction), Food and Micro-Brewery, E-Commerce fulfillment, meat and poultry, laboratory, bio-medical and vaccine shipping increase demand over an already fragmented supply chain.

Turn Key Solutions

CK Supply Inc., offers an independent, impartial source for complete turn key solutions and consulting for dry ice manufacturing and CO2 sourcing, design and equipment installation. The full breadth of services includes but not limited to:

Manufacturing Equipment:

Impartial evaluation of dry ice production system equipment providers based upon specific needs and budget. Guidance on applications varying from Pellet, Nugget, Block and Blasting production. Bagging, transport and dosing for packaging automation systems and more.

Piping and System Design: 

Turn key solutions to connect CO2 storage to the production environment. A critical component that is often overlooked is that we work directly with your vendors to achieve the optimal piping and distribution design for the Vacuum Jacket or insulated piping solution. 

CO2 Storage: 

Full evaluation of proper tank sizing, system design, crane, rigging, permitting, contractor coordination, electrical power, piping, fencing, concrete foundations for new and used tank leasing, rental or ownership options.

Back-Up and Surge supply: 

Full access to the CK Supply, Inc. network of independent dry ice producers, liquid production, CO2 liquid transportation, and logistics providers to increase safety net and supply during market disruption. Back-up and surge dry ice supply in the event of mechanical outage, peak demand, etc.

Liquid CO2 Sourcing: 

Vetting of various primary and contingency CO2 suppliers based upon geography, experience, capabilities along with product price, terms and lease negotiation liaison.

Contingency and Redundancy Planning: 

For critical applications, a full evaluation and scenario-based planning for supply chain interruptions, whether they stem from labor, mechanics, logistics, or a pandemic!

Reclamation and Conservation systems: 

Review or design applications to reduce, limit, recover, or eliminate unnecessary CO2 consumption.

Financing Options: 

Access to a wide variety of financial structure options for rental, lease, and ownership financing on all components within the system design.


CK Supply Inc., offers an independent, impartial source for complete turn key solutions and consulting for dry ice manufacturing and CO2 sourcing, design, and equipment installation. The full breadth of services includes but is not limited to:

Production for Resale: 

Dry ice is used in a variety of applications in a wide range of industries. From a cooling media in cold chain management to a blasting media in dry ice cleaning, dry ice has significant demand. Producing dry ice for resale offers your business another revenue generating opportunity.

Cold Chain Management:

Dry ice production for cold chain management is used for cooling during the transport of food, pharmaceuticals, and biological samples. The unique characteristics of dry ice make it a more efficient and cost-effective cooling media and allow for maximized efficiency in last mile delivery.

Food Processing Cooling: 

Dry ice is used in many types of food processing facilities–including bakeries–to control temperature, impede bacteria growth, and reduce spoilage. Dry ice is a food grade media and is FDA, USDA, and EPA approved for use around food.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Shipment Cooling: 

During shipping, it is critical that pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biological samples, and other medical goods be continuously stored in a limited temperature range from the time they are manufactured until the moment of application.

Airline Catering: 

Airline caterers use large quantities of dry ice on a daily basis, and dry ice represents a large percentage of non-food consumable costs. Complex scheduling often leads to dry ice waste and inefficiency.

Production for Blasting:

Facilities that use large amounts of dry ice in their dry ice cleaning process experience waste, high delivery costs, less supply flexibility, and lower quality dry ice.

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