Robotic Automation

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Automation Brings Success for Many Industrial Processes

As manufacturing processes get more advanced, more and more local businesses are turning to robotic automation for welding and cutting needs. While robotic automation must be programmed by certified operators that understand welding and manufacturing, they provide a mechanical and repeatable process. Automated welding produces high-quality welds in all three dimensions.

CK Supply offers access to premier robotic welding and plasma cutting brands such as Pandjiris Inc. and Koike Aronson, and we back this up with expert advice and comprehensive training. Different processes require different equipment, and at CK Supply, we have various robotic automation options to fit your needs.

Fixed Robotic Automation

For specific tasks and simple operations, fixed robotic automation handles straightforward processes like external seamers and pipe welding systems. CK Supply offers access to industry-leading fixed robotic welding systems.

Flexible Robotic Automation

Articulated robots are highly adaptable to adjust automatically to any welding and plasma cutting application. CK Supply helps you find the right equipment you need for any process and for any facility.

Automate Your Welding Processes With CK Supply

Robotic welding is an important advancement for modern manufacturing. Contact CK Supply to see if it’s right for you. Our technicians are ready to help.

Pros and Cons of Robotic Welding

Robotic welding has its pros and cons, much like anything else in life.

Pros Of Robotic Welding

  1. Better flexibility – Robots can work 24-hour shifts at consistent speeds, which means projects are done more quickly.
  2. Enhanced safety – Robots don’t need to be protected from high temperatures, noxious fumes, molten metal, and bright flashes. They incorporate their own safety features to keep the surrounding area safe.
  3. High-quality welds – Robots can perform repetitive motions to weld large volumes of parts in a short amount of time. They continue welding until the job is complete.
  4. Less waste – Robots weld with precision when programmed correctly, so their work generates less waste that results from errors.
  5. Lower costs – When the process calls for a large number of welds that must be high-quality and repeatable, no other welding process is as cost-effective. Even if the upfront costs of an automated welding machine may be high, high productivity will more than make up for the cost.

The Cons Of Robotic Welding

  1. Not feasible for smaller projects – The time it takes to program and calibrate the robot may be longer than the welding process. A human welder can finish small spot welding tasks quicker, especially if they are quick repairs.
  2. Higher startup costs – Fast turnaround and high volume are great for manufacturers, but robotics represent an investment. The potential profit from quicker delivery must justify the high purchase price of the machinery and resources needed to train and certify operators.

What Can Robotic Process Automation Do for You?

Even though robotics is an advancement that has revolutionized manufacturing processes around the globe, over the past 35 years, it has been refined for welding and cutting purposes. Now, more than 50% of all robotic applications in manufacturing are for welding and cutting. Even local fabrication shops can use the latest welding equipment to provide project work with enhanced accuracy and tighter tolerances. Robotics and custom automation are the future of manufacturing and businesses that want to reduce costs, lower turnaround times, and provide high-quality consistent products.


Years of Experience

Next Level Robotic Welding Training and Demos

Our Training Center is an important resource that will train your technicians on the latest welding and automation techniques. Since 1948, CK Supply has provided welding productsindustrial gases, and related services to industrial and manufacturing customers all across the Midwest. Call us today to find out more about our training programs.

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