Gas Manifolds

Gas manifolds are a safe and simple way of streamlining your gas system. Gas manifolds eliminate the need to manually handle the regulator every time you have to swap out gas cylinders, keeping you and your employees safe.

What Is a Gas Manifold System?

A manifold is a gas distribution system that connects multiple gas lines and junctions into a single channel. There are many kinds of manifold systems, from simple supply chambers to complex systems that regulate several gas flows.

Gas manifold systems automate the regulation of your gas supply. Automating gas regulation is much safer than manually trying to control pressure with gas equipment. While explosions and dangerous leaks are a possibility, continuous venting of high pressure gas puts strain on your system and equipment. Improperly powered equipment can lead to faster deterioration, which can lead to increased expenses or accidents.

How Do Gas Manifold Systems Work?

Manifold systems connect to your gas lines and help regulate your gas pressure. They come in a wide variety of configurations, making them compatible with any gas supply system. Manifold systems are extremely versatile—whether you need a dual cylinder outdoor system or a single cylinder indoor system, there’s going to be one that suits your needs.

Manifold systems are made up of:

  • A central source
  • A vaporizer
  • Connected pipelines
  • Pressure regulators
  • Valves connected to various system sections
  • Pressure release valves
  • Pressure monitors

Depending on your system, there can be other features like alarms that notify you when gas is running low and automated safety valves that shut the system down when it detects overly high pressure. While optional, safety features like this are incredibly valuable and worth installing on all gas equipment, manifolds included.

Why Are Manifolds Valuable Gas Equipment?

Now that you better understand the form and function of manifolds, what makes them worth investing in?

  • Safety

    As mentioned earlier, manifolds are much safer than trying to handle pressure regulation yourself—especially if you opt for additional safety features. A 2020 study by the American Cancer Society found that there are 630,000 gas leaks in local distribution systems every year. These leaks could be happening at your place of business and harming customers and employees without your knowledge.

    Manifold systems offer a variety of options to help you avoid gas leaks. One popular choice that keeps people safe and saves money is a safety shut-off valve. This valve is fully automatic and constantly monitors the pressure and flow of your system. If it senses excess pressure or irregular flow changes, it shuts your system down. Keep your employees safe by installing a manifold system today.

  • Efficiency

    Manifolds make your business more efficient. Instead of committing time and resources to handle gas regulation yourself, manifolds keep the process fast and intuitive. Tired of constantly checking valves when swapping out your gas cylinders? A manifold lets you swap the cylinder and keep rolling.

    Manifolds are affordable and quickly pay for themselves. Keep your employees focused on what matters—invest in a manifold.

  • Cut Costs

    Manifolds keep everyone safe and on track, but they could be directly responsible for saving money too. Companies spend more than they need to on gas because they fail to realize they’re losing gas to leaks on a day-to-day basis. Gas leaks are responsible for $30 billion in lost revenue annually—installing a high-quality manifold can help you save money on your gas leaks.

Save Time And Money With a Manifold

Gas manifolds are a flexible piece of gas equipment that keeps everyone safe and saves time and money. Manifolds can be installed in any gas system and are a worthwhile investment for all business owners.

Choose CK Supply as Your Next Gas Equipment Company

If a manifold sounds like a good fit for your business, contact us at CK Supply. We tailor every manifold installation depending on our clients’ needs. Stop wasting time monitoring pressure each time you swap gas cylinders when a manifold can keep you on track. If saving time isn’t enough, manifolds stop leaks—leaks that can be costly, dangerous, and even lethal.

We know gas at CK Supply. We are the largest independent supplier of compressed gasses in Missouri. We leverage this experience and our dedication to exceptional customer service to create The CK Difference. Regardless of your gas equipment needs, CK Supply can help.


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