Cryogenic Dewar Changeover Systems

A gas switchover system is the ideal solution to facilities that require a continuous stream of gas. Learn about the differences between automatic and manual switchover systems and why they’re worth investing in for your company.

What Is a Cryogenic Dewar?

Dewars are insulated containers that store cryogens. Most of these instruments are double-walled and vacuum-insulated. Foam insulation is often used to create dewars that help temporarily store cryogens. Dewars are critical for storing and transporting cryogens from the source to the point of use.

Cryogens should never be stored or transported in containers not designed for cryogenic materials. Glass labware, beverage containers, and other inappropriate vessels can neither vent properly nor withstand cryogenic temperatures. Improper cryogenic storage is dangerous and can compromise your facility.

CK Supply’s pre-engineered valve manifold stations offer simple and effective micro bulk liquid gas handling. Our dewar system is easily expandable when liquid cylinder demand increases. Our system’s advanced insulation offers the lowest heat leak and liquid gas losses compared to traditional foam-insulated manifold stations.

We have over 70 years of experience offering high-quality industrial gas equipment to the St. Louis area. We’re the largest independent supplier of compressed gases, welding and cutting equipment, and dry ice in Missouri. Our team strives to surpass your expectations with a mixture of excellent products and outstanding technical support that ensures you have everything you need to excel in your industry.

How Our Cryogenic Dewar Systems Work

CK Supply’s dewar systems help you achieve an uninterrupted liquid nitrogen supply. The station includes two sides—an active supply and one standby supply. As soon as you spend the active supply, you need to manually transfer the supply to the standby tank. If you prefer hands-off operation, we also offer automatic changeover options.

Monitoring liquid nitrogen levels and pressure is quick and efficient with our cryogenic dewar equipment. Our systems come equipped with the necessary instruments, allowing you to verify liquid nitrogen volumes to prevent premature changeout and waste.

Complete vacuum insulation ensures extremely low heat leak compared to conventional foam-insulated systems. Our systems deliver reduced liquid boil-off, maintaining consistent liquid supply quality to point-of-use. With lower boil-off, you also enjoy cost savings in cryogenic liquid nitrogen consumption—money you can reinvest in other gas distribution equipment like hydrogen generators or protocol stations.

The Benefits of CK Supply’s Cryogenic Dewar Systems

With our robust dewar system, you don’t need to worry about running out of gas or changing out cylinders that still have gas. Wastage and inefficient storage are things of the past.

The advantages of our equipment include:

  • 1×1, 2×2, and 4×4 liquid cylinder configurations
  • Frost- and condensation-free operation
  • High productivity due to minimal liquid supply downtime
  • Monitoring tools to ensure timely liquid cylinder changeouts
  • Compact size for easy installation in limited floor space

Refine Your Cryogenic Storage Approach With CK Supply

Our team offers the innovative solutions you need to optimize operations and get the job done. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, construction, or metal fabrication field, we learn your goals and deliver a cryogenic dewar system that meets your needs.

How Dewars Improve Productivity at Your Facility

Liquid nitrogen dewars store small amounts of liquid nitrogen and cryogenic samples for industrial and clinical applications. Dewars for liquid nitrogen storage offer a flexible and efficient way to store and dispense the substance safely. In contrast, dewars, specifically for storing cryogenic samples, provide safe short-term storage and transportation.

CK Supply’s dewar storage systems combine industry-leading vacuum performance and insulation with low consumption to deliver optimal thermal efficiency and maximum holding times in any scenario.

What Are the Different Types of Cryogenic Storage Dewars?

Liquid nitrogen dewars can be low-pressure, medium-pressure, or high-pressure. Low-pressure dewars are often used for liquid withdrawal, while medium- and high-pressure dewars are intended for gases. Combining liquid with a medium- or high-pressure dewar system is a safety hazard. Splashing and transfer-line whipping can lead to cryogenic burns and exposure.

How Medium- and High-Pressure Dewars Operate

Medium- and high-pressure dewars supply gas. They are similar in function but have different liquid cryogen capacities. Operators control delivery pressure through regulators connected to the gas-use fitting. The tanks increase internal pressure through a vaporizer coil in the dewar’s vacuum-insulated outer jacket. Once the pressure build valve opens, the liquid enters the coil and warms, evaporating and expanding into gas.

The pressure relief valve opens to reduce the pressure once the cylinder reaches the specified pressure-relief set point, which is 350 for high-pressure dewars and 230 for medium-pressure systems. The emergency rupture disk vents excess pressure to prevent relief valve failure.

CK Supply provides the recommended pressure setting and flow rates to ensure optimal performance for your cryogenic dewar system. We help you prevent ice accumulation and address potential issues with quality customer support.

Partner With CK Supply to Fulfill Your Cryogenic Storage Needs

Our organization can help you secure and streamline your gas system. Cryogenic substances require careful storage and monitoring to prevent accidents. We offer expandable manifold stations that optimize liquid gas handling strategies with high-quality vacuum insulation. Our equipment also protects operators from cold burns and other hazards with extensive safety features. Whether you need a manual or automatic solution, we get you the tools to improve productivity and safety across your facilities.

The CK Supply team has served customers since 1948. We’re a local and community-focused team that applies our premium brand partnerships to elevate your industrial activities. When you partner with our specialists, we help you “Discover the Difference” by introducing you to our valuable products, services, and resources.

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