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Don’t put your research at risk with poor quality dry ice.

Serving Universities And Medical Facilities For Over 70 Years

For over 70 years, CK Supply has been servicing research and university customers around the St. Louis area and is familiar with the critical job requirements and need for a reliable supplier. Dry ice is often required for packaging, storing, and transporting sensitive materials at a required temperature. With fresh product and local availability, CK Supply dry ice is your local, trusted supplier for low temperature research and medical requirements. To reduce waste and handling, we can offer customized packages and sizing depending on your application’s requirement.

Check out our latest blogs for more information about how to pack dry ice and proper dry ice safety during transportation.

Dry Ice for Vaccine Distribution & Storage

We carry everything a professional or hobbyist welder will need to achieve the best possible results, including a wide range of welding wires. If you have questions about any of our wire options, shield gases, personal protection equipment, or anything related to welding, our experts are standing by to answer any questions.

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