Can You Use Dry Ice To Transport Vaccines?

This page will examine how a steady supply of dry ice is important to cold-chain management and what you can do to plan ahead for increased dry ice demand.

Yes, You Absolutely Should Use Dry Ice to Transport COVID-19 Vaccines

As pharmaceutical companies gear up to distribute vaccines to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, dry ice suppliers like CK Supply are preparing to handle an unprecedented spike in demand. Dry ice demand has already increased in certain areas where COVID-19 vaccine research, testing, and development are taking place. While we wait for the vaccine to make a welcome appearance, the challenge of delivering millions of doses across the country and to other continents creates a logistic opportunity for dry ice suppliers to increase production and step up at a crucial time.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Require Dry Ice

After a vaccine is declared ready, manufacturers will create millions of doses that will need to be kept at a constant temperature of -70 ℃. This means that the challenge for manufacturers and distributors is transportation and storage while maintaining low temperatures. Vaccines will need to stay at this constant temperature from the door of pharmaceutical companies and onto planes and trucks.

At all points of the vaccine transportation and distribution cold chain, dry ice will be the safest and most economical way to maintain these cold temperatures. How is dry ice superior?

  • Dry ice is dry – Ice melts to water, which creates a messy hazard all along the supply chain. Dry ice is created from carbon dioxide, which doesn’t melt. Instead, it sublimates into a gas form without creating any waste or residue, making it the perfect refrigeration medium during shipment and temporary storage of vaccines.
  • Dry ice is cold – Dry ice sublimates at -78 ℃, which makes it the perfect medium to transport vaccines that need to be kept frozen to maintain safety and viability.
  • Availability & Price- No need for expensive mechanical freezers and long lead times to arrive. No power required!

The key to successful vaccine distribution lies in the cooperation between vaccine distributors and dry ice manufacturers. Businesses that plan ahead and schedule dry ice production and delivery have a leg up on meeting unprecedented demand. Please follow all manufacturer guidance as it relates to storage and handling of your specific vaccine.

When You Need Dry Ice, CK Supply Is Your Local Resource

Now is the time to prepare for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Call us today and speak with our representatives about the amounts of dry ice you need, its purpose, and how long you will need to maintain supply.

With locations in St. Louis, Joplin, and Kansas City, MO, CK Supply is the ONLY manufacturer and distributor of dry ice in the state of Missouri. Dry ice 10mm – 16mm pellets are available for delivery or pick-up at all of our branch locations during our regular retail hours. From a 10-lb retail purchase to thousands of pounds of dry ice a week, CK Supply is able to meet any customer’s needs. We offer customized dry ice packages and sizes depending on the application, storage time, and where the vaccine will be transported.

Call CK Supply today. Our dry ice capabilities are flexible and proven. We can set up delivery options or store dry ice on-site. CK Supply is up to this important challenge! Together we can deliver vaccines where they need to go and do our part to fight a deadly disease.

We have been working in medical, research, laboratory, & scientific communities for over 70 years and are well familiar and equipped to take on the unique challenge of vaccine storage and distribution.

For High-Quality Equipment, Premium, Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service, Trust CK Supply.

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