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From CO2 to Butanes

The cannabis industry requires bulk CO2 for grow room and extraction. As a leading supplier of bulk and industrial gases, CK Supply has the delivery capacity to ensure a steady supply of CO2 tanks for grow room operations.

A Leading Supplier of CO2 Tanks for Grow Rooms

CK Supply understands the important role CO2 plays in cannabis production. Reach out today to see how our bulk CO2 enhances cannabis production.

CO2 Extraction vs. Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction

Multiple forms of cannabis rely on solvents to strip the unwanted material from the desired chemicals. Solvent extraction involves soaking the cannabis in ethanol, separating the plant material through liquid filtration, and removing the excess gas through evaporation. However, ethanol is limited in the cannabis products it produces and is more labor-intensive because of its high boiling point.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction uses controlled temperature and pressure to create phase changes in CO2; this process protects cannabinoid integrity while extracting the cannabis plant. CO2 extraction is a preferred method of solvent because it’s:

  • Cheaper
  • Nontoxic
  • Nonflammable
  • Leaves less residue

Butane Extraction

BHO is a method of extraction that uses the chemical solvent, butane, to pass over the bud and plant materials. The butane is then separated from the mixture using heat and sometimes a vacuum pump or vacuum oven. The finished product, at room temperature, is typically a golden, soft wax. When heated, it is melted into a clear to yellowish amber oil. At its very purest, the substance is like a thin, hard glass. The substance, usually golden amber, hardens into a thin layer that can be broken down by heat, resulting in butane hash oil.

The end products have been branded as BHO, Butane Hash Oil, Earwax, Honey Oil and Shatter. These products are all comparable, and mainly differ in appearance due to the various melting and extraction points.

n-Butane (C4H10): UN1011 n-Butane

n-Butane is a flammable, colorless gas which is shipped as a liquefied gas at its vapor pressure of 16 psig at 70F.

Isobutane (iso-C4H10): UN1969 Isobutane

Isobutane is a flammable, colorless gas which is shipped as a liquefied gas at its vapor pressure of 31 psig at 70F.

Mixes & Blends

Butange 80%Propane 20%
Butane 70%Propane 30%
Butane 60%Propane 40%
Butane 50%Propane 50%

Cylinder Packages

Our low pressure cylinders are free of any residual oil & particulate that accumulates during the cylinder manufacturing process. Cylinders are available in a variety of sizes for both liquid and vapor withdrawal applications. Each cylinder package is equipped with a CGA 510 diaphragm valve preventing contamination during vacuum / fill procedures. Cylinders are refillable and D.O.T. compliant.

CGA 510 Diaphragm Valve (Repressurization model also available)

  • D.O.T. Approved
  • Proprietary internal cylinder wash
  • Specialized filling procedures
  • Liquid or Vapor Withdrawal
  • CGA 510 Diaphragm Valve

Years of Experience

Q: Is there such thing as Food Grade / Medical Grade butane?
A: There is no food grade or medical grade butane (Just deceptive marketing). The industry standard for extraction solvents is 99.5%+ non odorized products. It important to have a complete analysis (COA) at PPM certifying the products purity and listing any impurities. *Be on the look out for benzene and hexane as they are toxic for consumption.

Q: Why is purity important?
A: Higher purity the product, is more consistent product. Meeting higher purities like 99.5%+ requires the removal of impurities and contaminants. Lower purity products vary in purity and can have higher amounts of harmful contaminants ( ex. BTEX, C6+, Hexane, Alcohols & Acetone).

3 Step Purity Protection

  1. Specialty packaging – The only DOT approved LP 239 SS Cylinder available on the market today. Eliminates rust / particulate present in carbon steel cylinders. Compliant with California Code of Regulations, Title 17 Division 1 Chapter 13 §40242 (b).
  2. Process controls – Specialized process to maintain purity from start to finish. Each cylinder is subjected to a proprietary cleaning process prior to filling, which eliminates residual oils, particulates, metal shavings, weld slag and mill scale present from the cylinder manufacturing process. * In a cleanliness test conducted by a third party, the stainless steel cylinder had significantly less residual oil and particulates than a standard carbon steel cylinder.
  3. Analysis / Traceability – Analysis after each step to ensure purity and maintain quality. Cylinder serial # listed on certification (COA).

CK Supply Delivers Bulk CO2 Tanks for Grow Rooms

CK Supply offers bulk CO2 tanks in various sizes to satisfy your gas needs. Our Gas Express System® delivers you gas directly from our truck to your stationary liquid containers. Our innovative delivery system eliminates:

  • Cylinder handling
  • Product run-outs
  • Process interruptions
  • Excessive vent loss

Contact CK Supply today if you need CO2 to enhance your cannabis growing capabilities.

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