Food And Beverage

CK Supply provides safe food and beverage-grade carbon dioxide (CO2).

From food manufacturing and bottling to service and retail, we understand that high-quality food- and beverage-grade CO2 helps our clients create a healthy finished product. CK Supply is a leading food-grade gas supplier that delivers consistent quality and volume.

High-Quality Gas for Food and Beverage Industry

CK Supply understands that the food and beverage industry relies on high-quality gas to preserve products. Reach out today and see why we’re the largest independent gas supplier in Missouri.

Gases Used in the Food and Beverage Industry


Nitrogen can keep food cooled, chilled, or frozen. It reduces spoilage, discoloration, and off-flavors, all of which can turn away customers. Liquid nitrogen is used in the flash-freezing process. While conventional freezers take up to one hour to reach freezing temperatures, flash freezing takes food from room temperature to -20 degrees in a fraction of the time.

CK Supply offers multiple options to meet your nitrogen gas needs. Our St. Louis headquarters can fill several banks of cylinders at once, which means you receive your gas on time.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is the most common gas used in the food and beverage industry; it’s primarily used to preserve packaged foods and carbonate beer and soda. Carbon dioxide is a gas that any food and beverage manufacturer consistently requires.

CK Supply can serve as your bulk CO2 supplier and also provide cylinder filling and delivery services to simplify your gas supply chain needs. Our additional services allow your business to take the next step to success.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is one of the best solutions for businesses that transport and distribute food products. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide that sublimates into gas as it warms. The superior temperature control provided by dry ice allows for:

  • More efficient packing and transportation
  • Temperature-controlled distribution
  • Safe meat and poultry processing

CK Supply’s e-commerce fulfillment center allows for direct-to-consumer online and mail ordering. Our five retail locations offer dry ice pellet pick-ups along with same- and next-day delivery.

Food Grade Gas Suppliers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Controlling the gases surrounding stored and packaged food is critical when extending shelf life. MAP involves replacing the oxygen surrounding food and replacing it with an atmospheric mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This process helps keep food fresh as long as possible during transport.


Years of Experience

Enhance Your Operation With Our Gas Express System®

CK Supply offers the innovative Gas Express System®. This allows us to deliver gas directly from our truck to stationary liquid containers at your facility. Our efficient delivery process eliminates interruption to your operation, and our cellular technology alerts us when a product is low. Product delivery is immediately scheduled for the next day whenever an alert is received. CK Supply’s Gas Express System® revolutionizes the way industrial gas is delivered.

High-Quality Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding Supplies

The storage requirements of the food and beverage industry place significant demands on the welds that hold tanks together. CK Supply offers the TIG welding equipment that provides flush weld seams that don’t exhibit any spatter or temper coloration.

Let CK Supply Be Your Food and Beverage Gas Supplier

CK Supply has been an industry-leading supplier of industrial, medical, and atmospheric gases for over 70 years. Our St. Louis facility is equipped with an automated fill plant and laboratory capable of filling and testing hundreds of cylinders per day. Contact CK Supply today to learn more about what we can provide as your food-grade gas supplier.

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