Disposable Cylinders

Disposable gas cylinders provide a safe and cost-effective solution for storing and transporting gases.

What Are Disposable Cylinders for Gas Applications?

Disposable cylinders, also known as single-use gas canisters or cartridges, are small, portable containers designed to hold compressed gases for various purposes. They are commonly used for industrial and medical applications. Our cylinders at CK are made of steel or aluminum and are filled with gases such as propane, butane, or helium. We design them to be lightweight, easy to use, and disposable once they are empty. This makes them a convenient option for applications or operations that need a small amount of gas for a short time and do not want the hassle of refilling larger cylinders.


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Disposable Cylinder Specifications

Disposable cylinders are available in various sizes and capacities at CK Supply, ranging from small inhalers to large industrial tanks. The most important factors to consider when purchasing one are its safety features, such as the type of valve used, the pressure rating, and any additional components that may be needed. You should also examine the material composition of the cylinder and whether it is suitable for use with your specific application.

Types of Gas Cylinders

Please find our full selection of disposable cylinders available at CK:

  • Non-Refillable Cylinders

    CK Supply offers a range of non-refillable disposable gas cylinders that are designed for a variety of applications. Our cylinders are pre-filled with high-quality gas and are ideal for those who need a small amount of gas for their specific task. They come in different sizes and types to suit various needs, including butane, propane, and oxygen cylinders.

  • Disposable Refrigerant Cylinders

    CK Supply offers a variety of disposable refrigerant gas cylinders available in various sizes and contains high-quality refrigerant gases such as R134a and R404a. Our cylinders are ideal for use in a range of refrigeration and air conditioning applications, including residential and commercial HVAC systems, refrigerated transport, and food service equipment. The disposable nature of these cylinders makes them a convenient option for customers who require a small quantity of refrigerant gas and do not have the storage space or resources to manage larger cylinders.

  • Oxygen Cylinders

    Our oxygen cylinders are commonly used in medical settings to provide supplemental oxygen for patients who have difficulty breathing on their own.

  • Hydrogen Cylinders

    CK’s hydrogen cylinders are utilized for fuel cells or to store pressurized gases for analytical applications. They are usually made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber and offer superior safety features compared to other types of cylinders due to their low reactivity with air.

  • Helium Cylinders

    Helium is often used in welding, leak detection, laboratory research, and cooling processes. Our helium cylinders can be transported more easily than other types due to their lightweight and low boiling point of -268°C (-450°F). Please note that these cylinders are intended for one-time-use.

  • Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

    Nitrous oxide is a versatile gas that can be stored in high-pressure tanks, which is widely used worldwide for energy supply needs at commercial-scale operations, ranging from oil refineries to residential consumers. CK can even supply refrigeration systems or rocket engines propulsion systems.

  • Other Specialized Gases

    Specialty gases like carbon dioxide can be stored in disposable containers for applications such as high-pressure testing or calibration gases.

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

    Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is another popular choice amongst CK’s clients due to its ease of storage and transportability. LPG is primarily used as an energy source but can also be utilized to fuel vehicles, cook food, heat homes, etc.

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Benefits of CK’s Disposable Cylinders

Disposable cylinders are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the most efficient and cost-effective way to store and transport gases. Many industries or applications in need of gas cylinders may be looking for a safe yet economically viable solution. CK Supply offers disposable gas cylinders that come with several benefits, which you’ll find outlined below.

1. Safety

Disposable cylinders offer enhanced safety compared to traditional steel tanks due to their lack of flammability. Our disposable gas cylinders are designed with the utmost attention to safety features, such as a pressure relief valve to control gas release in case of overpressure or accidental puncture. This makes them an ideal choice for applications requiring high safety levels while still ensuring reliability and cost efficiency.

2. Flexibility

The convenience offered by gas cylinders over traditional steel tanks is unparalleled. They provide versatility and mobility that may not be possible with larger tank systems or other storage options. With CK Supply’s wide selection of sizes, you can find exactly what you need to fit your application’s requirements without worrying about weight capacity issues or transportation costs associated with large tanks.

3. Cost Savings

Choosing the right type of cylinder can save time and money in the long run, thanks to its cost efficiency and faster turnaround times when refilling or replacing empty units compared to traditional steel tanks. Our disposable gas cylinders are made from recyclable materials, so you can save on resources without sacrificing quality or performance.

4. Environmentally Friendly

At CK Supply, we place great importance on protecting our environment, which is why our facility employs recycling for disposables, such as our gas cylinders program. This helps reduce environmental waste while providing safe storage solutions for businesses and operations.

5. Storage Options and Convenience

The convenience offered by CK Supply’s easy-to-store size options makes it fast and simple to transport gases without extra hassle or risk. An added benefit is that they take up less storage space than their metal counterpart, allowing businesses to maximize space within their work sites while providing a safe storage solution.

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