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Acetylene is a highly flammable, colorless gas and the most common fuel gas used with cutting torches and various types of welding techniques. Acetylene creates a neutral flame that can reach over 5,700 F!

Not only is oxyacetylene gas welding effective in soldering filler rods to base metals, but it can also be used to melt iron and steel. Take advantage of acetylene’s incredible flame temperature and apply it to all your metal fabrication needs.

Some Of Acetylene’s Uses Include:

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Brazing
  • Soldering

Materials Suitable For Oxy Acetylene Welding:

  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass

Benefits Of The Oxyacetylene Welding Process Include:

  • Ability to switch quickly to a cutting process, by changing the welding tip to a cutting tip
  • Gas mixture attains a high temperature
  • Regulators to control gas flow and reduce pressure on both oxygen and acetylene tanks
  • Ability to regulate temperature by adjusting the gas flow

Acetylene Safety

Weld With Confidence

CK Supply is the largest independent industrial gas supplier in Missouri. We monitor your gas supply with our remote micro-bulk telemetry system to ensure you receive high-quality gases the moment you need them.

Pressure and Temperature

Outside temperature can affect the “full” pressure inside your cylinder, especially during extreme heat or cold. Please refer to the chart below for guidance:

(Pressures shown apply to full cylinders)

AcetyleneTemperatureOxygen Pressure

Versatility on Demand

Oxyacetylene welding is known for its portability, affordability, and flexibility. Acetylene cylinders can be easily transported to work sites. Whether your task is big or small, CK Supply can provide oxygen and acetylene tanks at any size.

What Makes the Difference?

Combining oxygen and acetylene assures that your welding tip will be able to melt any filler metal. Yet not all oxyacetylene tanks are created equal. Keep your operation running smoothly and trust CK Supply’s laboratory tested and certified acetylene. Call today and let CK Supply help you torch the competition.

Feel the Heat

Master metal with robust cutting, welding, and brazing power.

Trust CK Supply For High-Quality Equipment, Premium Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service.

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