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As a property owner, you know that piping needs regular inspection and maintenance to maintain safety and efficiency in your building. But, have you ever wondered if there was a way you could tell the current flow rate within your system? Learn about the differences between industrial gas flow meter systems and why they’re worth investing in for your company.

At CK Supply, we’ve got the best supply of flow meters for gas, an instrument with precision technology to accurately detect the rate of flow in your pipes. Here’s everything you need to know about mass flow meters:

What Is a Flow Meter Used for?

A flow meter for gas is an instrument designed to detect the flow rate within a pipe accurately. The precise measurements ensure efficiency, safety, and an environmentally compliant operation for your business.

Types of Flow Meters

There is no single instrument that operates each environment efficiently. Understanding different gas flow measurement technologies allow business owners to know their strengths, so you can decide which system is best for your facility.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

There is an electromagnetic coil within this system’s technology, generating a magnetic field. Electrodes capture voltage as fluid flows through the pipe, changing the electromagnetic field due to forces generated by induction. The effects are represented in flow rate.

Electromagnetic flow meters have no pressure loss or moving parts, improving efficiency and reliability. They can also detect liquids that contain contaminants, protecting the healthy quality of your facility. Unaffected by liquid viscosity, density, pressure, and temperature, flow meters with magnetic fields are typically installed in environments like food industries, chemical facilities, and power suppliers.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flow meters are independent of the viscosity of the medium, pressure, and temperature, making this technology very accurate. Ultrasonic sensors measure the volumetric flow rates of various fluids. The transmitter in the system sends ultrasonic waves that bounce around the pipes and are analyzed by the sensor. Once the flow rate begins, the frequency of the waves will either be higher or lower depending on the direction.

The high accuracy of ultrasonic flow meters makes the product popular, with low maintenance costs and no moving parts. The sensor technology can be used in various settings with its strong versatility, and spans from custody to process flow.

Vortex Time Flow Meter

Vortex flow meters generate vortices as they pass through a bluff body, measuring steam flow. Within the vortex meter, the bluff body is a flat front vertically extending into the flow stream.

Vortex flow meters have no moving parts, providing reliable performance and long-lasting service. They feature little pressure loss, measure the flow of various applications, and aren’t affected by thermal parameters, like temperature and pressure, so they are commonly applied in heat supply and power generation systems.

Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

Paddle wheel flow meters are divided into two mechanical classes. Tangential flow meters have a water wheel structure, while axis flow meters have a windmill structure. The flow and the revolutions of the two mechanical systems are proportional, making it possible to measure the flow rate by the number of revolutions.

Paddle wheel flow meters have a reliable performance, low cost, and can measure flow in either direction. This technology can be used across various industries, including reverse osmosis operations.

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The Benefits of Flow Meters for Gas

The need for precise and accurate measurements in advanced systems is necessary with our growing technology. Flow meters for gas today are found in a variety of industries like food and beverage, fuel and oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical. Below are the leading benefits that can boost the quality of your facility by installing flow meters for gas:

  • Low maintenance, easy to maintain
  • Measuring range optimizations
  • Operates in both flow directions
  • Flow rate and measured variables have a linear relationship
  • Suitable for solid hydraulic transport
  • Unaffected by contaminants
  • Favorable for chemical operations
  • Unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure, and density
  • No moving parts
  • Unobstructed flow passages

Years of Experience

Industrial Gas Flow Meters and Distribution Equipment at CK Supply

Gas distribution systems are often high-complex, requiring the best quality gas equipment to properly secure and monitor your environment. CK Supply has the best flow meters in the industry:

Flow Meters For Gas At CK Supply

Because flow meters are used to measure gas flow, they’re an essential piece of gas equipment. They must be highly accurate and demonstrate low-pressure drop and direct mass flow readings. The more precise your gas flow controls are, the more money you save on gas costs.

Flow Meters Maintenance and Service Requirements

Another bonus of flow meters for gas is they do not require routine service or lubrication, besides keeping the interior of the meter clean of dust, moisture, corrosive material, or oils. It is important to protect your flow meter from any dripping in the facility.

Checking Zero

Certain pressures at times cause flow meters’ zero point of reference to shift. If your system doesn’t reset to zero after a reset, follow these steps:

  • Stop flow
  • Remove the lens
  • Analyze the position taken by the pointer. When properly adjusted, the pointer should reference zero
  • If the meter still doesn’t show zero, follow the fine adjustment procedure to re-zero the flow meter

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