Flexible Automation

Flexible automation represents the next generation in commercial welding technology. For a demonstration, visit our St. Louis headquarters.

The Power of Flexible Automation

One major modernization in manufacturing industries comes in the form of flexible robotic welding and assembly. CK Supply has long been a regional leader in welding gases and welding products and as the industry transitions to more automated processes and robotic welding takes a prominent role, we look to provide the latest in robotic technology.

New robotics technologies and flexible automation have revolutionized industrial processes. As the welding industry suffers from a shortage of skilled labor, automated flexible robotic systems are proving to be more than adequate to the task. When today’s manufacturers need to maintain or increase welding productivity, robotic welding delivers versatility and cost-effective operation to get the job done.

What Are Automated Processes?

Traditional manufacturing processes normally require heavy human intervention to complete. When the manufacturing process is automated, it means the amount of human assistance required to physically complete the process is reduced or eliminated. Robotics is a key component of flexible manufacturing. Any application that involves high-volume, repeatable processes are best served through robot-assisted or fully-automated robotic processes.

The Benefits

Automated welding processes can:

  • Reduce Costs

    While start-up costs for robotic automation can be high, lower operating costs more than make up the difference. And when you factor in complex welder training that can take years or months, compared to operator training that can take weeks, the cost to train or replace workers is much lower.

  • Increase Capacity Without Impacting Safety

    Robots only need downtime for maintenance or reprogramming meaning they can make repeatable welds without fatigue or increased safety issues.

  • Work Alongside Human Welders

    Robots are collaborative welding systems that safely work in close proximity with human welders. Although they are meant to work on smaller parts and lower-volume processes, they have no dedicated footprint and are portable.

  • Avoid Rework

    Repeatability is an important advantage to robotic automation and when welding processes can be repeated with a high degree of accuracy, the need for rework is greatly reduced and in some cases, eliminated. This results in a lower consumption of materials and less waste.

  • Accurately Complete Repeatable Tasks

    Traditional robotic arm systems just need simple programming and a steady supply of raw materials to produce high-quality, repeatable welded products with little supervision.

  • Overcome A Lack Of Skilled Workers

    A recent study has predicted that the welding industry will be short 400,000 operators by 2024. An aging workforce coupled with a lack of incoming skilled workers means many manufacturers must turn to automation to avoid declining new contracts due to a lack of welders. Robotic welding means manufacturers can maintain their revenue streams and even explore more growth opportunities.

Streamline Your Welding Processes With CK Supply

Flexible robotic automation is an essential advancement for modern manufacturing. Contact CK Supply to see if it’s right for you. Our technicians are ready to help.

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When Flexible Automation Is Preferable to Fixed

Where fixed welding works for repeatable manufacturing processes, the more complex a part is, the better suited it is for flexible welding. A piece that requires a lot of twists and turns or welding in tight spaces needs flexibility in regards to torch orientation which suits a flexible welding application much better than a fixed welding setup.

Next Level Robotic Welding Training and Automated Process Demos

Our Training Center is an important resource that will train your technicians on the latest welding and automation techniques. Since 1948, CK Supply has provided welding productsindustrial gases, and related services to industrial and manufacturing customers all across the Midwest. Now, we can provide flexible robotic solutions so our customers can modernize their processes, reduce costs, and maintain a competitive edge.


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