Industrial-Grade Gases

For decades, CK Supply has provided the highest quality industrial grade gases and equipment.

For decades, CK Supply has provided the highest quality industrial grade gases and equipment.

The industrial uses of pure gas are many, from manufacturing a product, to protecting it in shipping or storage, to being an important ingredient in the product itself. But another major use of industrial gas, and what lies squarely in CK Supply’s wheelhouse, is gas as an agent in welding.

Welding is such an important part of most industrial processes. Not only does welding repair the machinery that created products—welding creates the products themselves. The right gases, equipment, techniques, and training all combine to fasten one metal part to another.

Welding truly is a marvel of industrial arts. Over 50 percent of man-made products are created by welding, and this ranges from vehicles to homes.

How Are Gases Used in Welding?

CK Supply offers all possible gases used in welding, mostly as a shielding agent to protect the bond from oxidation but also to control the metal transfer mode, alloy content, bead shape, fume generation and many other weld characteristics.


Another inert gas, helium is a high conductor of heat, providing the opposite effect of argon. It creates an erratic arc, meaning it is less forgiving for manual welding.


Hydrogen is often added to other gases like argon to deepen penetration and welding speeds. It is difficult to use and requires a precise mix to avoid imperfections in the weld.


This gas can increase the mechanical properties of alloys that contain nitrogen, while also increasing weld penetration and arc stability.


Oxygen is also, like hydrogen, used in a blend with other gases to shield the weld. It can cause oxidation, however, and can’t be used with copper, aluminum, or magnesium.


Argon is chemically inert, making it suitable for welding on reactive or refractory metals. Welds made with argon as a shield gas have a distinctive deep and narrow profile. This is because argon has low thermal conductivity, which means it has a low transfer of heat to the outer areas of the welding arc.

For High-Quality Equipment, Premium, Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service, Trust CK Supply.

CK Supply Is the Largest Independent Supplier of Industrial Gases in Missouri

For any industrial application, including welding, CK Supply should be your gas supplier of choice. In welding or any industrial application, the small details make a huge difference in the quality of the products you make and how safe your processes are in creating them. A job done right requires the right tools, and our customer service technicians are standing by to offer their knowledge and show you how CK industrial gases are the perfect ingredient for any industrial application.

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