Food-Grade Gases

Consistent quality starts with pure ingredients—the gas you use is an important one.

When you need quality gas for food and beverage use, you have to be absolutely certain the gas you’re using is as pure as possible. After all, when you want to use quality ingredients in foods and beverages, the gas used to produce or store the finished products is an important ingredient too. CK Supply can provide you with documentation that proves our Food and Beverage products meet or exceed FDA and ISBT standards.

As a proven leader in industrial gas, CK delivers the same consistent quality and volume for food-grade gases as well. Whether you need pure CO2 for bottling, nitrogen for dispensing, or sulfur dioxide for wine barrel and cork preservation, we have the right gas to make sure your products are the highest quality.

How Food-grade Gasses Are Used

CO2 to carbonate soda and beer – How better to maintain the quality and taste of carbonated beverages than with high purity carbon dioxide? With our carbonation gas, you don’t leave anything to chance.

Liquid nitrogen for quicker and safer freezing – Safe transportation of foods sometimes requires they be brought to a low temperature quickly and safely. Liquid nitrogen is the substance of choice, as it is non-toxic, non-flammable, and has an extremely low boiling point.

Argon, helium, nitrogen, and CO2 to preserve packaged foods – Gases can be used to prevent spoilage, control ripening, and provide an inert, non-toxic filler during transportation and storage. The safe use of food-grade gas reduces the growth of bacteria and sops the spread of oxidation. The result is a high-quality, consistent product delivered every time.

We Can Use Any Delivery System

Depending on your storage situation and gas requirements, CK Supply supports the delivery of food-grade gases, either through standard cylinder delivery or by microbulk storage. From brewing and bottling, to storage and transportation, to dispensing, CK is the only vendor you need to supply any type of food-grade gas your products require. Don’t waste time and effort with multiple vendors. Call CK Supply today and talk to our team about how we can solve all your food-grade gas needs.

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