High-Quality Industrial Gas Heaters

The majority of businesses are familiar with space heaters because they’ve been around for quite some time. While industrial gas heaters work on the same principle, it’s important to note they come with much more advanced characteristics.

What Are Industrial Gas Heaters?

Industrial gas heaters are regulators that have an electronic heater attached to them that the end user plugs in. Essentially, a regulator is an electrically heated dual-stage regulator used for non-corrosive liquefied gasses with up to 3000 psig inlet pressure. More specifically, it’s designed to prevent freeze-up problems associated with high flows of carbon dioxide.

Simply put, as CO2 passes through a regulator seat, dry ice can form if the flow is too high, which causes your regulator to freeze up. That’s why Industrial gas heaters are so popular, as they have several key applications, including:

  • Chemical storage blanketing
  • Anaerobic chambers
  • Inert gas purging
  • Atomic absorption oxidizer gas
  • Semiconductor reactor furnace
  • Inductively coupled plasma systems
  • Ph control

How Can CK Supply’s Commercial Gas Heaters Benefit My Business?

At CK Supply, gas-based systems have become a cornerstone of our heating solutions. Several of our partners—commercial workshops, assembly lines, and machining plants—all use industrial gas heaters because of the many benefits they provide, like:

  • Boosting Worker Productivity

    Let’s face it. In St. Louis, our winters get pretty chilly. That’s why during the colder seasons, industrial heaters are an invaluable part of businesses with semi-open premises, like workshops, tool shops, machine shops, or auto repair shops. CK Supply is a trusted provider of industrial gas, making it easy for your employees to work in comfort—regardless of the weather. Without an industrial-grade heater, the temperature inside the premises would plummet to unacceptable levels, and worker productivity could decline.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Our industrial gas heaters are renowned for their straightforward maintenance and installation procedures. Because there are only a few components, you won’t have to worry about extensive tune-ups or a complicated installation process. Even better, when it comes to repairing your unit, operational adjustments are extremely non-invasive. All you need is take apart the system, make the necessary repairs, and then put it back together. Not only does this help you save money on repair costs, but it’s also an easy way to improve the energy-efficiency of your heating systems.

  • A Cost-Effective Way to Heat Your Building

    Because natural gas is readily available throughout the United States, industrial gas heaters serve as an extremely cost-effective solution for a plethora of commercial enterprises. Generally speaking, clean natural gas is already distributed all over the country by way of existing networks. As a result, it’s a low-cost alternative to electricity, which is why it’s a popular solution for businesses looking to cut costs and boost their profitability.

  • Safety-First Systems

    It should go without saying, but in most industrial workspaces, employee safety should be a top priority. Fortunately, the technology used to manufacture and deliver natural gas has significantly improved over the years. As a result, industrial gas heaters can be used in any type of industrial environment without bringing safety concerns. Additionally, at CK Supply, our units are engineered to be as safe as possible, equipped with adjustable temperature-control, sturdy housing, hardwired construction, and easy-to-follow instructions. With an industrial gas unit from CK, you can rest assured knowing your staff and customers can conduct business in a safe, warm, comfortable environment.

  • Reliable Heating Solutions

    Virtually every business relies on continuity to stay productive. During the colder months, broken heating systems are notorious for pushing daily workloads off-track, as your employees struggle to work when they’re physically uncomfortable. That’s why so many businesses leverage the advantages of industrial gas heaters, as they’re able to remain operational even when the weather drops. With the help of a high-quality industrial gas heater from CK Supply, your company is able to benefit from much-needed warmth and comfort during St. Louis’s snowy seasons.

CK Supply: Your Top Choice for Dependable, Reliable Industrial Natural Gas for Heaters

CK Supply first opened our doors in 1948, as a distributor of natural gas and welding equipment. Over the last seven decades, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include:

Since we first opened shop 70 years ago, we’ve been able to sustain continuous growth for one key reason: we care about our local community. Businesses in both Missouri and Illinois trust CK Supply because they know we deliver complete, creative solutions. But don’t just take our word for it—see what your neighbors have to say:

“Fast, friendly service. Enthusiastic to help the customer get what they need and get back to business so they can have a profitable day.”

“Great local company to do business with. We use them for all of our gases … They have unmatched customer service and are very flexible and safety conscious.”

“Excellent service and knowledge. Always have the supplies we need in stock. Definitely our go-to supplier.”

What Can CK Supply Do for You?

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