Product Spotlight: Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the most abundant chemicals found in nature. It is found in the atmosphere, dissolved in water, used by plants to form food by photosynthesis, and expelled from vehicles as a byproduct of combustion. It is slightly toxic, odorless, colorless, and in large quantities has a slightly acidic taste. Producing carbon dioxide as an industrial product requires that it be recovered and purified from a relatively high-volume, CO2-rich gas stream, generally a stream created as an unavoidable byproduct of a large-scale chemical production process or some form of biological process.

Where CO2 Comes From

Carbon dioxide is mainly a byproduct of industrial processes and while it can be distilled from air like argon or nitrogen this process is inefficient to produce CO2 in quantities needed for industrial use. The CO2 we provide is recovered and purified for commercial and industrial uses. 

The Industrial Uses of CO2

Carbon dioxide is a common and versatile chemical that has many business uses. All of these uses take advantage of one or more of the major characteristics of this gas: inertness, reactivity, or its low freezing point. 


One of the most important uses of CO2 is when it is used as a shield gas for MIG/MAG welding, where the gas is used to protect the weld puddle against oxidation caused by the surrounding air. A mixture of argon and carbon dioxide is used to reduce the need for post-weld treatments. 

Dry Ice for Quick Refrigeration

High-pressure liquid CO2 can be sprayed onto food products to flash freeze them through the process of sublimation, in which a solid goes directly to a gas state.


CO2 does not burn or support combustion, and air with more than 10% of carbon dioxide will extinguish an open flame. CO2 removes oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere, which makes it an effective substance for firefighting. It can be found in household fire extinguishers all the way to industrial fire suppression systems and even airports to control jet fuel fires.

Circuit Board Assembly

CO2 is an important gas to the electronics industry. Semiconductor surfaces need to be cleaned during the manufacturing process and a constant supply os CO2 is a safe way to keep these surfaces clean. 

Petroleum Extraction

Carbon dioxide is used to maintain pressure in oil wells for oil extraction. When CO2 is pumped into an oil well, it is partially dissolved into the oil, making it less viscous and easier to recover. 

Other Commercial Uses of Carbon Dioxide

  • As a propellant in aerosol cans to replace less environmentally friendly alternatives. 
  • To carbonate soft drinks, beer, and sparkling wine, and as an agent to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in beverages. 
  • To displace air in the canning process and keep foods fresh during transportation and storage.
  • Dry ice pellets are used instead of sand when sandblasting paint from surfaces to reduce the cost of cleanup.
  • CO2 is expelled by yeast which creates a rising action in bread.

The Right Product, Every Time

CK Supply provides carbon dioxide gas cylinders in a variety of sizes or pressures, as a refrigerated liquid, or as dry ice. Our aim is to make sure you have the correct materials and chemicals on hand to produce your products, fuel your processes, and get projects done the right way. If you need carbon dioxide in any quantity, for any industrial use, either in bulk delivery or temporarycall CK today!

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