Ongoing Welding Training Programs and Courses

CK Supply is excited to offer welding training seminars and online vendor training to all who are interested in improving their welding knowledge.

Keep Your Welding Skills Sharp With Our Welding Skill Programs

Ongoing welding training from CK is a great way to hone your skills whether you are new to welding or you are looking for advanced training to further your career. While all professional welders must go through years of training or apprenticeships, welding is a skill that needs to be   At CK Supply, we saw a need to provide ongoing welding training for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

Buy a New Welding Machine and Receive a Free Welding Class

The Hil Bax Tech Center

Our technical center was implemented to provide general and specialized training opportunities, hands-on product demonstrations, and process enhancements for your organization or for individual welders. We offer product demonstrations, focused, one-day trainings, specific topic seminars, and online vendor training to showcase specialized equipment. 

Each of these services can be performed at our training facility in St. Louis, Missouri, or on site for your welders or maintenance staff. We have received a positive response to all who have taken these courses. If you’re interested in signing up for any courses, click on the above link for a complete listing, description, and schedule.

The Benefits of Ongoing Welder Training

All professionals need ongoing training to stay on top of their skills. Trade skills will always be needed but the technology used will always become safer and more efficient. Tradesmen that mostly use one form of welding will want to stay current on other methods. Here are other reasons how our welder training programs can help:

  • Practice new skills 
  • Keep up with changing welding technology  
  • Try new welding methods 
  • Meet fellow welders
  • Maintain certifications 
  • Educate groups of trades professionals
  • Reach the next level of expertise

Ready to Learn More? Contact CK Supply

Get the right start by getting to know your new machine and take advantage of our expertise. For more information contact CK today at (314) 644-3500, ext. 1196 or email John Fitzgerald at  Or click below to fill out a contact form.

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