Product Spotlight: Nitrogen

CK Supply provides high-quality, safe nitrogen gas for a wide range of industrial welding and commercial purposes.

Nitrogen, An Important Industrial Gas

We are surrounded by nitrogen. It makes up 78% by volume of the Earth’s atmosphere and 3% of our bodies. It makes up DNA and RNA and is one of the primary nutrients critical to the survival of all living organisms. But not only is it an essential building block for life, Nitrogen is also an important chemical that has many medical, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Nitrogen or N2, is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is non-flammable and will not support combustion. It’s a necessary ingredient to various biological processes and is an essential ingredient in fertilizer, usually in the form of ammonia or ammonia-based compounds

Where Commercial and Industrial Nitrogen Comes From

Nitrogen can be produced on a large scale by burning carbon or hydrocarbons in the air and separating the resulting carbon dioxide and water from the leftover nitrogen.

Industrial Uses of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is one of the most important industrial gases, especially in the agricultural industry. Nitrogen influences our lives every day in some very common places:

Chemical Industry

Nitrogen is used to purge equipment, tanks, and pipelines of dangerous vapors and gases before different compounds are sent through the same lines.

Food Preservation

Nitrogen is used to replace atmosphere in food packaging so perishable items are safeguarded against oxidation and spoilage.


Nitrogen can be found as a shield gas to pack some medications. In its liquid form, nitrogen is used to quickly freeze living cells and in cryo-surgery to destroy and remove diseased tissue.


Nitrogen can be combined with argon and helium for TIG and MIG welding applications, but nitrogen is also commonly used to shrink metal fittings so that they achieve a tighter fit when they expand to their normal size. Another common industrial use of nitrogen is to remove impurities during the production of stainless steel.

How to Safely Use Nitrogen

Despite being colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, nitrogen must be handled with care. As a gas, it can cause suffocation by replacing the oxygen in a confined area. Like any compressed gas, there are risks associated with storing and transporting gases that are under high pressure. As a liquid, nitrogen can create intense coldness that can easily cause frostbite to exposed skin. It can even crack steel equipment if exposed long enough. Proper precautions must be taken when handling nitrogen in any form.

The Right Product, Every Time

CK Supply provides N2 cylinders in a variety of sizes or pressures, for any commercial or industrial purpose. Our aim is to make sure you have the correct materials and chemicals on hand to produce your products, fuel your processes, and get projects done the right way. If you need high-grade industrial nitrogen in any quantity, for any industrial use, call CK today!

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