Gas Spotlight: Propane

Propane is an important gas not only to industry, but also for commercial use. It warms houses, powers gas grills, and heats water among other uses. It is non-toxic and is naturally colorless and odorless, which means an odorant needs to be added so people can tell it is present in the atmosphere. When it was first discovered, propane was a compound found in gasoline. The two ways it is collected now are through natural gas production and from crude oil refining.

Propane, along with butane, are both extracted during natural gas processing. This is to prevent condensation in natural gas pipelines, meaning propane is a natural byproduct of the refining process. Since propane is much denser as a liquid than as a gas, the extracted propane is stored and transported as a liquid.

At various stages of the oil-refining process, liquefied petroleum gasses are produced. While it is usually a small amount, propane is one of these hydrocarbons and can be collected.

Propane is stored and transported in liquid form. This liquefaction is an important stage in the production of propane. When propane is liquefied, it removes impurities like ethane and propene. This ensures that the liquid form of propane is far safer than other gas energy sources.

It is also one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. Vehicles powered by propane produce 30 to 90% less carbon monoxide and 50% fewer toxins and other emissions than gasoline engines, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Industrial Uses of Propane

Propane is a versatile and common source of energy. From family farms to materials handling equipment and homes, people trust propane as a low cost, greener solution when compared to other fossil fuels.

Power for Forklifts and Fleet Vehicles

The lower emissions of propane when used as a fuel are ideal for vehicles used for long periods of time like forklifts and hydraulic lifts. Propane is more efficient and reliable than electric forklifts. Where electric models need to be recharged, propane-fueled models simply need a cylinder change in order to keep working.

Soldering and Welding

Propane is used in soldering to connect copper water pipes. It is a common fuel that is used for low-temperature welding applications as well as brazing dissimilar metals together. Propane can also be used for annealing, which is a process of heating up metals so they can be bent more easily.


Farmers use propane to rid crops of weeds and pests using propane flamers. It can also be used to fuel machines that help dry harvested crops.

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Other Commercial Uses

  • Space heating for homes and businesses
  • Gas absorption refrigerators
  • Cooking
  • Water heating
  • Fireplaces
  • Commercial mowers

The Right Product, Every Time

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