Introducing HyperFill

Designed to revolutionize heavy fabrication productivity, the patent-pending HyperFill twin wire MIG solution allows for increased deposition rates without compromising puddle stability or weld quality. Utilizing a single power source, a single wire feeder, and a single tip, this innovative twin wire design delivers a wide, smooth arc cone that allows for deposition rates above 18lbs/hr | 8.2 kg/hr. (24 lbs/hr. | 10.9 kg/hr robotic) without added system or operator complexity.

» Maximize productivity – Increases deposition rates over single wire applications

» Improve weld quality – Stable arc for easy control of large weld puddles

» Low system complexity – Powered by a single power source. Fed through a single wire feeder and single contact tip

If you are interested in learning more about Hyperfill, please contact the Hil Bax Technical Center.

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