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Veterans Day Sale

Thanks for your interest in our Veterans Day Sale, but the sale is concluded. Please check back next year for awesome deals on our used and reconditioned equipment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this sale is now ONLY ONLINE

5835 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

CK’s New & Used Equipment Sale features some of the lowest prices of the year. This sale brings in hundreds of customers looking to buy a quality machine at a discounted price. If you are looking for a deal on an Engine Drive, MIG Welder, TIG Welder, Stick Welder, or Plasma Machine, this sale will deliver. Open to businesses as well as the general public, our event features both repaired equipment and factory refurbished equipment.

Engine drives

– Portable gas, diesel, or propane fueled electricity generators designed for emergency or outdoor use. Can also be used to power fans, pumps, and air compressors on the jobsite or even as a backup generator.

Plasma cutters

– High-quality plasma cutters from respected brands like Hypertherm, Miller, and Thermal Dynamics are perfect for when you need to cut aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals that would melt during other welding methods.

MIG welders

– Adaptable, fast, and easy, metal inert gas welders are a superior choice. MIG welders allow the technician to manipulate the workpiece metals inside the radius of the weld pool.

TIG welders

– This method uses tungsten to create an electrical current that melts and fuses the workpiece metals. Ideal for welding thin sections of stainless steel as well as aluminum, magnesium, or copper alloys.

Stick welders

– Shielded metal arc welding, also known as stick welding, oses a flux-coated electrode to create an electrical current that melts and fuses metal. Stick welding can create consistent, effective bonds of iron, steel, nickel, aluminum, or copper alloys.

Multi-process welders

– Multi-process welders make it easy for welding operators to tackle a variety of fabrication or construction jobs and projects on the jobsite, in the shop or in the field without switching power sources.

Location: St. Louis Headquarters

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