Calibration Gases and How They Increase Workplace Safety

Guide to Calibration Gases

Accurate measurements of industrial gas levels are crucial for maintaining safety in multiple industries. Malfunctioning gas detectors increase the exposure of health hazards to employees and the public. That’s why workers use calibration gases to verify that gas detecting equipment is working properly. Calibration gases are gaseous components used to contain toxic and flammable gases on a jobsite. Read more about the uses of calibration gases and how they increase safety.

What Is a Calibration Gas Used For?

Calibration gases are a mixture of compressed gases or gas components used to test gas detecting equipment to make sure that it’s working correctly. Calibrating equipment is critical for all measuring instruments and establishes a known response to a chemical component. Finding the right calibration gas for your detector depends on a variety of factors, including:

Type of Gas Detector

Understanding the type of gas detector you’re working with plays a significant role in which calibration gas you use. Most single gas detectors use methane or iso-butane calibration gases, while multi-gas detectors use specialty gases composed of four-gas blends and mixed in specific concentrations.

Purity of the Gases

It’s important to ensure the purity of the gases you’re testing. Working with impure gases could alter the detector’s sensitivity and lead to inaccurate results. Referring to the gas standard assures that the gas you’re using is pure.

Quality of Calibration Gas

Making sure you’re using high-quality calibration gas enhances safety. Poor quality gases could ignite, making them a significant health hazard for your staff. Also, don’t use any gas that’s past its expiration date; expired gas could lead to inaccurate readings.

How To Calibrate Your Gas Detector

OSHA recommends frequently calibrating your gas detector to maintain employee safety. Here are three ways to verify calibration gas safety:

Bump Test

A bump test is a qualitative test that involves passing calibration gas over the instrument’s sensor at a concentration greater than the set points to trigger the alarm. This serves as a functional test and should be performed before using any equipment.

Instrument Calibration

An instrument calibration exposes the equipment to a test gas to verify that the sensors and alarms adequately respond to a manufacturers’ preferred guidelines. If the calibration check results don’t fall into an acceptable range, then a full calibration should be performed.

Full Calibration

A full calibration adjusts the instruments’ reading to match the known concentration of the test gas. It’s a quantitative test that confirms the instrument’s sensors are open to flow and operate within a specified tolerance.

An instrument’s sensors degrade over time and repeated use. Regular calibration allows your equipment to reset and lets you know when to order replacement parts.

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