How Impactful Are Welding Robots?

As manufacturing processes increase in complexity and productivity expectations increase in volume, more businesses are turning to automated welding systems for their cutting needs. These systems handle straightforward tasks and allow your workers to focus on more important jobs at your facility. But how impactful are welding robots? Read more about the effect robotics has had on manufacturing and the benefits offered by robotic automation.

What Are Automated Welding Systems?

Automated welding systems fuse two materials using mechanized programmable tools that heat, mix, and cool the metal materials. Many industries are becoming more reliant on robotic welding, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Material Handling
  • Chemical

What Role Does Robotics Have in Manufacturing?

Robotic automated welding systems play an important role in many manufacturing processes. They streamline the overall workflow by taking on repetitive production tasks. Today, robotic automation applications fall into five categories:

Material Handling

Robotic automation systems eliminate human error, making them ideal for material handling processes. These systems keep your employees safe by taking on the task of moving heavy or dangerous items throughout a warehouse.


Using heat and pressure to join metal pieces is dangerous and requires exact precision. Automated welding systems are becoming a popular choice because they eliminate mistakes and enhance welder safety. Robotic systems also collaborate with humans on dangerous welding jobs or tasks that involve high volumes of harmful materials.


Assembling product parts is a tedious and lengthy job for many employees. Robotic automation systems excel at repetitive tasks and streamline assembly processes by increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


Automated systems are ideal for repetitive processes that require the application of glue, paint, or sprays. Using robots for dispensing jobs also increases safety by reducing employee exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.


Some products require a specific type of processing, including carving, polishing, or sawing. Facilities use robotic automation systems for these tasks because they operate autonomously and eliminate human errors.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Welding Systems?

While implementing an automated welding system has significant upfront costs, they provide various benefits for businesses. These include:

Enhanced Weld Quality

Businesses are drawn to automated welding systems because they deliver a more consistent weld quality. Welding robots also minimize the number of sizing errors. Manual welders determine the welds’ size using their best judgment, but robots are programmed to select the right joint dimension. This enhanced quality and accuracy limit production time and materials used.

Lowered Production Costs

The long-term reduction in production costs offsets the cost of implementing welding robots. Robotic welders increase efficiency and reduce expenses by requiring fewer consumables than manual welders and minimizing wasted materials. This allows them to fully produce items at lower costs and increase overall productivity.

Increased Productivity

Implementing an automated welding system allows businesses to maintain production for 24 hours. Robotic welding systems also can be programmed to complete mundane tasks, allowing your human workers to focus on more complex and meaningful jobs at your facility.

Want to learn more about the benefits of automated welding systems? Contact CK Supply and one of our experts will answer all of your questions!

Automated Welding Systems Offered by CK Supply

CK Supply understands the impact welding robots have on many industrial processes. That’s why we offer access to premier robotic welding and plasma cutting from leading manufacturers. We have various robotic automated welding systems options designed to fit your needs, including:

Fixed Robotic Automation

Fixed automation systems are ideal for tasks that involve repeatable welds. These systems serve as the starting point for businesses looking to integrate robotics into their processes. Large manufacturing operations use fixed welding solutions because they require minimal programming and training.

Flexible Robotic Automation

Flexible automation is a recent automated welding system innovation. While fixed automation systems excel at producing straight weld cuts, flexible automation systems are ideal for processes that require twists and turns. This solution allows companies to enhance productivity and maintain revenue streams.

Vectis Cobot Automation

The Vectis cobot automation system represents the latest development in collaborative robot technology. This automation system allows the programmer to teach the robot by physically moving the equipment to program points. Vectis cobots safely work alongside humans without permanent barriers and keep your employees out of harm’s way.

Our Automated Welding System Services

Implementing welding robots into your organization may seem like a challenging process. That’s why CK Supply offers automated welding system services that simplify everything, including:


Our Hil Bax Technical Center offers welding courses and hands-on demonstrations that introduce our clients to the latest welding techniques and technology. We have a team of certified instructors and inspectors that answer all of your questions through specialized training programs. Our training courses can be performed onsite at your business or our training facility in St. Louis, Missouri.


Automated welding systems often operate in challenging conditions, and basic maintenance prevents complications. We offer repair services that fix most welding machine models and minimize downtime. Our technicians are available to perform onsite repairs, and we’re a certified warranty center for the following brands:

  • Miller
  • Lincoln
  • Hypertherm

CK Supply: A Leading Welding Supply Company

CK Supply has been a leading supplier of industrial welding equipment since 1948. Our team is committed to making things better every day for our clients and maintains this commitment by sticking to our core values:

  • People oriented: Our team is honest and respectful to our clients.
  • Solutions focused: We’re knowledgeable and pride ourselves on being problem solvers.
  • Driven: Our team is hardworking and dedicated to helping our clients
  • Passionate: We’re winners and always possess a positive attitude

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