When Your Haunted House Needs Dry Ice In Bulk, Call CK Supply

The old house is little more than a pile of lumber and iron, a forgotten relic of some bygone era. The moon is full and the chilly fall air feels laden with suspense. A low fog rolls in, and the guests waiting to enter the haunted attraction are buzzing with nervous excitement. A haunted house is all about showmanship. You are building up tension, getting your guests to buy in to the illusion, and this come from what they see, hear and feel. When your haunted house wants to set the correct mood, dry ice is an important part of the illusion. This means you need plenty of commercial-grade dry ice on hand. When you need to know where to buy dry ice, CK is your ideal supplier

How To Make Fog

It is surprisingly easy to create your own haunted effect for whatever spooky environment you create this Halloween. All you need is hot water, protective gloves, 10-15 lbs of dry ice, and a sturdy plastic bucket or container. When gathering your supplies remember that 4-8 gallons of hot water and 10-15 lbs of dry ice will create about 20 minutes of fog. 

  1. Fill the sturdy plastic container half full of hot water.
  2. Using protective gloves, carefully place the ice in the water. Fog should start immediately.
  3. Repeat step 2 every 8-10 minutes to maintain the level of fog you need. 
  4. Once the water in the plastic container has cooled the fog will stop being produced.  Return to step 1.

To fill a small room, 15-30 lbs of dry ice in two containers will produce fog for 45 minutes to an hour. Larger rooms will need more containers and about 60 lbs of dry ice to produce the same amount. If you plan to make fog outside, make sure you have plenty of dry ice and hot water on hand and remember that any wind or breeze will make your fog dissipate quicker than indoors.

The Key Difference with Dry Ice

With dry ice, you can easily achieve the fog you want. These machines use dry ice that is very cold and warmed water to create a temperature difference that creates a cool fog that gives the feeling of being deep underground or in a spooky cemetery as it stays low to the ground. When you buy dry ice in bulk, you have plenty of fuel for multiple events. 

CK Supply Is Your Local Dry Ice Source

Dry Ice is important to creating the perfect mood at your haunted attraction. The best way to make sure you have plenty of dry ice for all of your fog machines is to call CK. Whether you need to keep products cold or are looking to create that wonderfully spooky Halloween atmosphere, our high-quality dry ice is all you need. 

Before You Elevate Your Halloween Party with Dry Ice, Remember These Important Safety Tips:

Dry Ice should always be stored and used within areas with adequate ventilation. Dry Ice sublimates into Carbon Dioxide gas which can pose a suffocation hazard in confined areas.

  • Use only with equipment and storage containers suitable for dry ice. Never store dry ice in a container with an airtight seal as it may burst.
  • Dry Ice is extremely cold and can cause frostbite. Always wear proper protective clothing and avoid contact with exposed flesh.  In case of prolonged contact with skin obtain medical treatment immediately.
  • Dry ice is harmful if eaten or swallowed. If ingested, seek medical treatment immediately.

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