Vectis Cobot Automation

There’s going to be a shortage of 400,000 welders in the U.S. by 2024. Cobot automation is going to be key for welding going forward, learn why.


Would you like to increase your production by up to 400% with TIGwelding and becoming even faster, with the highest possible quality!

How Millennial-Friendly Technologies Are Transforming Robot Programming

Robot programming systems are evolving rapidly, with intuitive and user-friendly technologies supplementing or replacing traditional ones.

Want to Optimize Engine Drive Performance?

Your engine drive lets you complete a wide range of jobs in the field, from multiprocess welding and gouging to powering tools and lights.

Paint and Coating Stripping with Dry Ice Blasting + Abrasive

We often get the question, “Can dry ice blasting remove paint?” The answer is specific to the situation and the types of paint and surfaces used.


Discover how Fleet Engineers had a recent aha moment with their dry film lubricant that has improved their products and processes.

Crystal 2.0 The Enlightenment of Welding

Driven by the will to give welders a better working life, optrel has researched into new technologies for years to improve welders’ vision.