Would you like to increase your production by up to 400% with TIGwelding and becoming even faster, with the highest possible quality!

Discover how the TIP TIG Hotwire process can provide versatility and improve productivity when welding on a variety of materials. 

This is exactly what we supply with our TIP TIG technology!

The general TIG process offers top quality results for all welding applications. However, due to physical properties of the GTAW process, the welding speed and output are not very high. TIP TIG offers you a solution for these problems.

By applying the TIP TIG technology, you can carry out TIG welding at the highest speed possible in a manually operation. Furthermore, the TIG process will become even more safe and simple.

TIP TIG is a subset of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding GTAW, using a mechanism called filler wire agitation to enhance molten weld puddle dynamics.

This agitation has been found to enhance the weld puddle fluidity and release off gassing, reducing the chances of inclusions and porosity.

In addition to the unique agitation from TIP TIG, the process incorporates a HOTWIRE to energize the filler wire which melts faster and substantially increases deposition rates.

Please see a few high definition videos of pipe fills and roots with the TIPTIG process.

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