Crystal 2.0 The Enlightenment of Welding

Crystal 2.0 The Enlightenment of Welding

Clear vision while working is a matter of course for most occupational groups. This is not true for welders. Due to the essential use of glare-protection products, a clouded and falsified view of the workplace is an accepted matter of course – unfortunately.

Driven by the will to give welders a better working life, optrel has researched into new technologies for years to improve welders’ vision. Thanks to Crystal Lens Technology (CLT2.0), optrel has now achieved a quantum leap that will revolutionise the welders’ vision.

With light transmission of 31% in bright condition (protection level 2!) welders have for the first time a practically unclouded and clear view of their working environment. This in combination with the almost perfect colour spectrum of the CLT2.0 for the first time allows welders to see what is really going on in the weld pool, and with a clarity that equates to insights into a new dimension. This is why welders describe this as an enlightenment

If you would like to view the future of welding helmets please contact the Hil Bax Technical Center for a demo of the new Optrel Crystal 2.o

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